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Mike Paetzold back for the final day of my stop here as part of The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour. Wow, seems like I just got here and it is ending already. Where did the time go?

Well let’s get started. Today the topic will be using videos for traffic. If you are looking for more ways to get traffic I strongly recommend Doug’s Top Traffic Tips.

Video is a format that has really come of age online. Now video has become much more popular primarily because of high speed connections. Before DSL and cable became common in households it was impossible to use video. Most people would not be able to download it and get it to stream when high speed was a 56k modem

Now with the exception of some remote areas the majority of people have access to some type of high speed internet connection. This has led to the popularity of video sharing sites like You Tube.

For some video has become their preferred way to get information. The odds are that even if you are reading this here that you get the bulk of your news from television already. You only need to look at the problems of the newspapers to make a profit to see that.

Which brings us to two questions. How do we take advantage of it? How hard is it to do?

Let’s answer the second question first only because I like to shake things up. The answer is…

it depends.

Now before you get all mad at me and I know that last answer got you a bit miffed it definitely is true.

It can be easy to do screen capture or talk over a power point presentation or just speak into your web camera or a flip camera. It can be extremely difficult if you want to create TV quality action videos with green screens and special effects.

You only need the easy version to be able to get traffic from it.

All you would need to do is take an article you created and convert it to a power point presentation, read the article as you go through the slides while recording it. A software like Camtasia can handle that quite easily.

If you are tight on dollars you can do it with free tools like Open Office and Cam Studio. It is bit more work with the free tools but what isn’t? You always pay with time or money.

Either way create the video and upload it to the various video sharing sites. (Tube Mogul is a free service that will upload to multiple sites for you.) Use the url you would like to see people visit to start your description, add in your keywords and you have a video that others can use. (Note: Always do the full url not so that it will be clickable in your description.)

This will give you another venue for people to find your information in a format that they like. It works well using the same content.

In fact quite often I will use the same content for each of the 4 ways I have written about this week.

Create a blog post –> Use it to submit an article (just add a sig file) –> Convert the article to power point and record you reading it –> Strip out the audio and use that as a podcast.

The power in using your content in all of the ways is that you can reach a different audience with each form but you only need to create the basic content one time.

Once you have your initial blog post you can easily make that into the other 3 forms in a half hour once you have done it a few times. The Sunday Night Cash Plan will walk you through exactly how to do that.

I hope you have found my visit here to be helpful in growing your business and leveraging what you already do to get even more traffic.

The Old Bald Guy Blog Tour is going on a hiatus for two weeks to spend time with family and friends over the holidays. It will return in two weeks and the next stop will be at Twitter Marketing Products beginning January 4th.

Have a great holiday and I’ll catch up with you next year.

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Mike Paetzold has been online since 2000 and runs numerous blogs and you can find out what he is up to at Mike Paetzold Recommends.

You can also find out and keep current with WordPress at his blog WordPress Made Easy.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Andre Arnett
    Twitter: learningaffil
    on December 18th, 2009

    You certainly make it look and sound so easy. This has been a very educational tour and I am glad that I was able to check it out. You have provided some ideas that I thought were foreign but have shown that they can be done very easy. Thanks and I will be searching for your next stop.
    .-= Andre Arnett´s last blog ..What Can Backlinking Do For Me =-.

  2. Lonnie Minton
    Twitter: AffiliateBus
    on December 21st, 2009

    Thanks for the turorial on using videos. I also liked you comment about using you content in as many ways as possible – add value but only do the work one time.
    .-= Lonnie Minton´s last blog ..Your List Is Your Affiliate Marketing =-.

  3. baby care
    Twitter: cutepali
    on December 22nd, 2009

    Videos are a lot like articles in the fact they offer free content. Search engines love good quality free content. You should treat your videos like articles and post them often and too many video sites. Just like good written articles, well thought-out and informative videos will drive traffic to your site

  4. Tom - marketing tips
    Twitter: farffa
    on January 5th, 2010

    Many people make their own videos and send them to YouTube, Revver and other places because it seems to be more effective to do reviews on video than just a normal blog post.Videos work well for people who are naturally good at speaking, can speak in a compelling way.

    For those who do not have English as their first language this can be a bit more tricky.
    .-= Tom – marketing tips´s last blog ..Writing A Perfect Forum Signature =-.




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