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Using PLR Articles

Using PLR Articles – What You Should Know

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You have probably heard of PLR articles. These are ‘Private Label Rights’ articles, which means that you can put yourself as the author of the articles and change them anyway you like. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to change them – they just put themselves as the author and replace links with their own links and submit them.

First, this doesn’t do much in the way of establishing yourself as an expert or building credibility. People tend to remember what they read – and you are distributing the same article, with your name on it as the author, that countless other people are also distributing. Second, the search engines aren’t too fond of PLR articles, and they tend to ignore them.

With this said, you should note that PLR articles are a viable source for articles for the purpose of marketing – as long as you change them. For best results, they should be completely rewritten. The idea is there, the information is there…simply rewrite it. Also, make absolutely sure that you change the title of the article!

Many people purchase PLR packages and then pay a writer to rewrite the articles. Writers usually charge about two dollars for this, depending on the length of the article, and how much rewriting there is to be done. You could purchase a PLR package with hundreds of articles for about twenty bucks, have a writer rewrite 52 of them, and have enough articles for an entire year for about $124 bucks! This is an outstanding deal when you consider the time that you have saved.

Again, the key to using PLR articles effectively is to rewrite them and give them new titles. If you aren’t willing to do this, don’t waste your money on PLR packages. Taking the absolute lazy way to article marketing won’t get you very far!

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