Ultimate Social Media Giveaway – Get In Now & Build Your List!

Here’s a quick tip for you – using social media is necessary for every online business these days, including those sites just promoting offline businesses. So getting into the first social media list-building giveaway is a natural way to build opt-in lists no matter what niche you’re targeting online!

In just under 2 weeks the Ultimate Social Media Giveaway will launch to the public, letting marketers, website owners, bloggers, promoters and interested individuals download the best free advice available on using social media just for trying out the e-zines of those providing the gifts.

So obviously if you’re providing one of the gifts, you’re building your opt-in list with tightly-targeted leads. And the better your gift, the more free targeted leads you can garner.

But that’s not the only way to increase the number of opt-ins you get from the giveaway… The more you promote the event once it opens, the closer to the first page of gifts yours will be listed. And obviously the better your gift is positioned, the faster you’ll build your list.

That makes this giveaway better for newer marketers than most… Since you’re looking for people who are using social media, you don’t need a large list, or any list, to get going well with this one. You can go after that target market using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and any number of additional social media sites to get your link in front of people already interested in – and using – social media.

Jump all over this one – there are a lot of big names involved, so you know iot’s going to be one of the powerful list-building tools of 2012! And using social media to target a fresh audience makes more and more sense as the popularity of social media and social bookmarking sites skyrockets into unchartered territory.

The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway opens to the public on Feb 25th, so make sure you sign up now and get your gift in place before the launch – then promote the event and watch your list grow! I’m already signed up so I’ll see you on the inside!

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