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We Need Your Help! In order to make the Marketing BlogZine© truly 'The Interactive Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Community Information Resource Center', we need great content - a lot of it - on a regular basis. Our goal with this site is to be able to post up to 3 new submissions every day, be they articles, podcasts or both. In order to do this, we need YOUR submissions - & submissions from as wide a range of Internet marketers, affiliate marketers & professional bloggers as possible!

What we need from you are articles and podcasts that will truly help people in our industry, from the newest of newbies to the experienced old pros and Big-Dogs. Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing, blogging, SEO, PLR, resale rights, autoresponders, e-zines, hosting - it's all fair game as subjects for your submissions. Be aware, though, that every submission will be reviewed by hand, and no salesletters of any sort will be considered. Every submission must be a genuine article and/or podcast that's helpful to those in our biz or those looking to get into it. Links within the article or podcast are strongly discouraged, and affiliate links will never be allowed within the content section of your submission.

Along with your submission you must include an Author's Resource Box listing your name and website to be linked to. The site you link to can be your own or an affiliate opportunity as you prefer, subject of course to the usual 'acceptable content' rules. Only one site may be linked to per post/podcast, but you may use different links with each article you submit if you wish. You may also include an e-mail link to your autoresponder if your account allows signups through e-mail. A sample of how a resource box should be formatted is:

Article ©2007 Doug Champigny, all rights reserved. Doug Champigny is a world-famous Internet marketer, super-affiliate and mentor whose collective articles can be found on his blog at To subscribe to his daily e-zine, Marketing Domination, simply


To submit your articles and/or podcasts, articles MUST be in .txt (plain text) format and podcasts must be in .mp3 format. Attach articles to your e-mail, upload podcasts to your own server and send us a link to them in your e-mail. Send your e-mails with the attached articles or links to your podcast to The Marketing BlogZine using .

DO NOT attach your podcasts - any e-mail received with an attachment other than a .txt file will be deleted unread. Also, to be fair to all contributors, only one article or podcast per e-mail, please. You can submit as many as you like at any one time, but be sure to add just one per e-mail, so we can fairly and efficiently schedule any backlogs that occur. If you attach more than one article or link to more than one podcast, only one will be used and the rest will be ignored.

Finally, know that every post, every podcast and every comment on the site will be reviewed by hand before being posted. We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission or comment without reason, and anyone attempting to spam the system will be blacklisted. The Marketing BlogZine is a powerul and valuable system to both visitors and submitters, and we can all work together to make it even better. If in doubt about acceptable submissions, read through those already on the site and if questions remain, for clarification, ok?

To Your Internet Marketing Success...

Doug & Teri Champigny,
The Champigny Web

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©2007 Teri & Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved.

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