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Jeffrey Levesque Appointed Team Champigny Affiliate Marketing Manager

For Immediate Release:

Affiliate Marketing Expert Jeffrey Levesque Joins Team Champigny as Affiliate Manager

Team Champigny Headquarters – Welland, Ontario, Canada – Internet marketing specialists Team Champigny today announced that well-known affiliate marketing expert Jeffrey Levesque has joined the world-renowned Team Champigny as their new Affiliate Marketing Manager for all of their 100-plus Internet properties. Levesque, a native of Liberty Hill, Texas, has been a major force behind some of the biggest affiliate marketing successes in Internet marketing history and is best known for providing cutting-edge affiliate marketing training to ensure affiliates make as much money as possible online.

“Too many would-be affiliate marketing managers limit themselves to the role of cheerleaders” says Levesque. “But to provide true value and ensure the success of any affiliate marketing program, first you have to ensure the success of your affiliates. Invest the time to learn every facet of successful affiliate marketing, and then train your affiliate team and sharpen their skills in every area of affiliate marketing – the latest technologies, the latest trends and the tried and trusted methodologies used by successful marketers everywhere, online or off.The more money your affiliates are making the greater their motivation and loyalty – and the greater your team’s success. Teri & Doug Champigny recognize that a great coach is far more valuable than a great cheerleader, and I look forward to coaching the Team Champigny affiliates to even greater successes.”Internet marketing author, mentor and speaker Doug Champigny, who heads up Team Champigny, says of the union: “The timing and synergy provided by this union provides a gestalt that creates a win-win situation for all parties concerned…

The Team Champigny online portfolio is expanding exponentially and currently includes over 100 websites and a dozen blogs – when combined with road-trips to my speaking engagements and the time requirements of my coaching, I don’t really have enough time left over to properly support the Team Champigny affiliate army, who now number over 2,400 affiliate marketers.

Teri & I have been operating online full-time since 1997, and our biggest concern regarding an affiliate manager was finding someone with that same wealth of experience, who knows as much as we do about affiliate marketing, Internet marketing and the business in general. It was important to us that we find someone unusually bright, extremely personable, and who truly cared about the success and well-being of every single affiliate in our program, from ‘big-dog’ JV partner to the newest of newbies. To top it off, we wanted someone innovative who would truly lead the way, not just for our affiliates but for the affiliate marketing industry in general. We’ve stayed at the forefront of Internet marketing, well ahead of the industry trends, for 11 years now and wanted an affiliate manager who was just as much a leader in the affiliate world. We’ve found all that and more in Jeff Levesque.”

Niche marketing specialist and Team Champigny partner Teri Champigny sums it up this way: “Doug & Jeff are both very bright and very much ‘Type-A’ personalities. Being in a room brainstorming with them you can feel the electricity in the air as each of us spurs the others further and further on. Individually, none of us would ever settle for anything less than complete success, but together we’re awesome! We look forward to having the distinction of having the highest-earning affiliates in the game once the dust settles and everyone’s on board. Jeff provides an important component in our plans to make Team Champigny an 8-figure a year business online, and I’m glad to welcome him to the Team!”

In true Internet marketing fashion, the arrangement was inked at Ken McArthur’s JVAlert Live convention in Philadelphia in early June, and first revealed following Doug Champigny’s speaking engagement at Carl Galletti’s Internet Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas 2 weeks later. Levesque is currently familiarizing himself with the Team Champigny properties and publications, and will kick off the Team Champigny affiliate training program with an open teleseminar in a couple of weeks. For more information on Jeffrey Levesque or the Team Champigny affiliate marketing program, contact directly at Team Champigny.

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