Double-Barrelled Attack To Crush Your Twitter Marketing Competition

There’s no doubt about it now – Twitter is a powerful weapon in any online marketer’s arsenal – once they’ve learned the tricks and tips to use Twitter marketing properly without spending too much time on the site. And now two resources have launched that, when put together, provide all the training, step-by-step instruction and tools you need to really crank up your Twitter marketing to pro levels fast!

The most powerful Twitter marketing system to date!

First up is The Advanced Twitter Marketing System – the hottest Twitter marketing product released to date. Smashing through the myths, limitations and outright nonsense in other Twitter guides, Doug Champigny has put together a system of using free tools to build TARGETED followers fast, and then shown how to minimize the time needed to market to them while maximizing your optins & sales resulting from your Twitter marketing activities. Beta tests by newbies and pros alike has shown repeatedly that the system gets users hundreds of targeted followers within the first week, with most seeing optins and resultant sales within the first 7-10 days – all in an hour a day max!

Testimonials for the product abound, on the Advanced Twitter Marketing System salespage itself, on various blogs, on YouTube videos, etc. Currently it’s the highest-priced Twitter guide online, but Champigny makes no apologies, pointing to the results people have acheived with it and the 60-day money-back guarantee to protect any skeptics.

The second resource is from Mike Paetzold, and it’s the perfect compliment to go with the Advanced Twitter Marketing System. Paetzold’s new Twitter Time Saver is far more than the name implies, though it does save time by automating the procedures it recommends. In actual fact, Twitter Time Saver ties together content and tweets to provide niche marketers an automated way to become an authority in any niche amongst followers on Twitter.

Of and by itself that’s powerful, but lacks the direct-marketing prowress of the Advanced Twitter Marketing System. But putting the two together lets an online marketer dominate any area of expetise and make money marketing on Twitter practically right from the get-go! While each is justifiably proud of their new product, both Champigny & Paetzold agree the symbiosis of the two is more powerful than either on it’s own – and as a result, each is full of praise for the other’s product.

There’s simply no other way to put it – to max out your list-building and earning potential from marketing on Twitter, you need both: the targeted following built using the Advanced Twitter Marketing System and the niche authority-building of Twitter Time Saver – anything less, and you’re not making what you could through your Twitter marketing.

And we both know it’s a rookie’s mistake to leave money on the table when it could be in our pockets just as easily… ;-)

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4 Comments so far

  1. Mike Paetzold
    Twitter: mikepaetzold
    on May 30th, 2009

    Yes there was no point in covering the same things you had already done an excellent job on. I just added the twist I use to keep up to date on any topic. Then share the best with my Twitter followers without spending hours a day.

    Great content no matter what or who the source is is the key to building the authority status necessary to cut through the clutter.

    Do that and people look for your information and tell others about it too which adds to your influence.

  2. Andre Arnett on May 30th, 2009

    Two great resources that already work well all alone. But when you put the two together they could be more explosive than dynamite. Well, maybe not as explosive but just as good. Both are definitely a must read.

  3. Lonnie Minton
    Twitter: AffiliateBus
    on May 30th, 2009

    Two great resources that are easily implemented. Once implemented they work together as a team to enhance your marketing efforts. Get both, not just one or the other – both are needed to really get your Twitter Marketing efforts into high gear.

  4. Fred Lotgering on May 30th, 2009

    I love the title! “Double-Barrelled Attack To Crush Your Twitter Marketing Competition”

    …and I have both of them. Watch out for me…





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