Creating E-mail Courses with PLR Articles

Creating E-mail Courses with PLR Articles

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Email courses are very popular. There will always be people in your niche that want to learn something new that is related to that niche, and as an expert in your field, they will look to you to teach them what they want to learn. Email courses offer the perfect opportunity to do this – and to earn some money as well.

Email courses are typically free for the person taking the course. Since you want to build an opt-in list, if you don’t already have one, you will need an autoresponder that supports multiple lists anyway. This means that you won’t be out any additional money if you offer a free email course.

You will, however, need content for that course. PLR articles offer a very viable solution. You can use the gist of the material, and make changes and additions to suit your course. The cost of niche PLR packages is very reasonable, and should fit into any budget.

You simply set up your autoresponder, and put a subscribe box on your site for that particular course. You then make changes to the PLR articles that you will be using so that you can deliver your course in a logical way that helps your readers learn what you are hoping to teach them. You then load those articles into your autoresponder, having one sent out each day, week, or every couple of days, as you desire. You’re all set to go!

Now, how can you make money by giving away a free email course? That’s the easy part. You simply promote affiliate products in the text of the course. Of course you will want to promote products directly related to what you are teaching your readers, but you can find affiliate products on every imaginable topic, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Doug Champigny is a popular Internet marketer, super-affiliate, blogger, e-zine publisher, mentor and speaker – and a noted PLR expert, in thanks partly to his PLR Tutorial Videos and his How To Become A PLR PRO! e-book. Doug’s latest PLR ventures include the PLR articles membership site, and, his PLR Websites Membership site.

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