Biggest Firesale Ever Launching!

Go to for information on Vince Tan’s Biggest Firesale launch – This Biggest Firesale Video shows you why!

Biggest Firesale Ever Launching!For more amazing video clips, click here

Over 100 Top Internet Marketers are participating in this record-setting online event, making it the Biggest Firesale Ever!

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Still Waiting To Be Impressed at W.I.S.

Well, after two days at the World Internet Summit we’re
still waiting to be impressed – maybe we’ve been spoiled
by how great Ken McArthur’s JVAlert Live seminars are…

Holding out hope for today, though – As a videographer
I’m curious to see what Mike Stewart has to say. He did
some great stuff with Jim Edwards a while back, and Jim
and Willie Crawford were the only ones with IM videos at
YouTube before my first one, so let’s see what wisdom he

Also today is Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, whom I’ve seen some
spectacular things from – in fact I have his ‘Marketers
on a Mission’ disk here on my desk. So hope remains…

In the meantime, did you check this out yet?

The Internet’s Biggest Firesale  

It doesn’t launch for another 10 days, but when you
look at the veritable ‘who’s who’ of our industry that’s
involved, you’ll definitely want to get on the updates
list there. Pay strict attention to what you receive in
pre-hype from this launch – it will no doubt be a study
in how to present a big launch successfully, something
we all want to master…

After all, do you doubt you could learn a lot from
this crowd, whether you downloaded anything or not? It’s
one of those times when just the event itself can teach
you a lot… Get on the announcement list here:

Vince Tan’s Biggest Firesale

Empowering YOU & Helping You Do Fine In 2009…

Doug Champigny
Internet Marketing with Doug Champigny

PS – The Christmas PLR bundle will be taken offline for
the year next Sunday night – after that it’s time to be
putting them online yourself, not just getting the PLR.
So if you don’t have the bundle already, scoop it up now:

Champigny Christmas PLR Pack  

To your success… DC.

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