I Was Just Checking Out Your New Internet Marketing Videos…

I was just checking out your new Internet marketing videos, and I must say I’m impressed! Uh, hang on – let me backtrack here a bit…

Yes, the quality and styling of the Internet marketing videos and affiliate marketing videos really did impress me – as they will everyone who sees them.

But they’re not actually yours yet, truth be told…

First, you have to get on the announcement list so you know when the doors open. Next, you have to act quickly when they do, because clients will only be accepted for four days – four days next week, in fact.

Then, and only then, you’ll have to tell them each month what your new video will be about – what product, service or squeeze page it’ll be promoting. You see, these are custom made videos, one per month, for whatever YOU want a video for – they can be Internet marketing based, affiliate marketing based – even videos for promoting an offline business! It’s entirely up to you once you’re a member of iFlash Videos Monthly.

So you see, it wasn’t exactly YOUR videos I saw, it was affiliate marketing videos and Internet marketing videos that iFlash has produced for it’s current customers, mostly advertising agencies who pay a LOT more for the same video services – in fact, even if you’re a video expert, I doubt you can justify the time to do your own videos when you can get them this cheap.

But because this video creation service is being offered for so little an outlay each month, they’re only willing to accept new members for 4 days – if you’re serious about moving ahead in your online business or seriously promoting an offline business, be sure to get on the iFlash announcement list today!

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