Free Affiliate Resource Released

Affiliate Marketing News: Free Super-Tool Released.

For Immediate Release:

In a move destined to shake the affiliate marketing industry
to it’s roots, SuperAffiliate Doug Champigny & Code Wizard
Tim Brechbill today released the most powerful new service
for affiliates ever. And it’s free…  

In one move, this launch both renders a lot of yesterday’s
affiliate marketing tools and resources obsolete, and puts
the complete power of Clickbank and PayDotCom into the
hands of people who previously couldn’t afford affiliate marketing
tools half as comprehensive.

In spite of already having over 70 sites and 8 – 10 of his own
e-books online, Champigny admits this is by far the most
important of his launches.

“In one fell swoop, Tim and I will make it possible for
the newer, smaller affililiates to have access to the kind of
information previously reserved for Big Dogs & Gurus
with deep pockets – including knowing about EVERY product
launched through ClickBank or PayDotCom within 24 hours
of it being listed… For free!”

This service is going to rock the affiliate arena – add this
powerful weapon to YOUR online efforts right now:

New PayDotClickbankAlert Daily Alert Service


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