Learn To Edit Your Own Videos…

Last year, Doug Champigny released his famous PLR Tutorial Videos,
still the best training around on how to convert PLR E-Books into
your own unique products to put online. A year later, people are
still snapping them up left and right, because Doug is a true PLR
Master and because the big 800×600 videos make it easy to follow
along as you convert your PLR E-Books. He’s done a number of paid
and free teleseminars on using PLR over the last 3 years, so you
might even have been on one or more of the calls yourself…

Well, he’s done it again – only this time the topic is using PLR
Videos to maximum advantage. The bundle includes the recording of
his recent paid teleseminar on the subject, the written transcript
of the call, and step-by-step how-to videos that show you how to
take PLR videos – or really ANY videos – and make them into your
own products. Check out the info on the page at

Doug Champigny’s Using PLR Videos Bundle

He shows you a simple way that any newbie can master in a couple of
hours, then shows you how to truly edit videos – add voice, text,
add & remove video or audio, etc. etc. With video becoming the
biggest thing online these days, this is training you simply must
have – and it’s not available anywhere else at any amount – once
again Doug’s the first to bring you this information. So hit
the Using PLR Videos Bundle page
now and download yours today!

PS – there’s two bonus videos in there too – one that shows how
to make simple BuyNow buttons using PayPal, and one showing how to
create your own intros & exits to plug into the start of finish of
every video you use online – be sure to watch those, too!

Doug Champigny’s Using PLR Videos Bundle

To Your Success with Video…

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Free PLR Coaching Call

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Teleseminars – The Power Tool

© Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Everywhere you turn these days, somebody is hosting a teleseminar or a webinar. It seems that no matter what the topic is, you can find a teleseminar for it. There seems to be a recent explosion of teleseminars, and everybody is doing it – but why?

The why should be obvious – hosting a teleseminar or webinar is very lucrative if it is done right. Not only can people charge for participation, but they can also sell products before the teleseminar, during the event, and even after the event. In fact, many are creating entire businesses by selling the content of the teleseminar after the fact.

At one time, seminars were the big thing. While this is still true to a point, marketers are learning that teleseminars are often more profitable, even though the cost of attending the event is a great deal less than attending an ‘in-person’ seminar.

Most people simply don’t have several thousand dollars to spend on a seminar, plus the cost of traveling. Many work and can’t get the time off from work. Others simply cannot afford such a thing. Some have children and just can’t leave for any length of time. There are as many reasons for not attending a seminar as there are seminars.

But teleseminars are quite different. People do not have to leave their homes. They don’t have to take time off from work in many cases. All they have to do is sign up for the event, pay the price of admission if there is one, and then dial a long distance or toll-free number at the appointed date and time. What could be easier?

This way, marketers are able to reach a larger audience. Where they may have had 50 people show up for a seminar, they can have 500 attend their teleseminar. Not only do marketers have higher participation in their event, but the cost of the event is significantly reduced. You can host a basic teleseminar completely free of charge for up to 100 people. You can host a teleseminar for 500 people for less than 500.00. It takes thousands of dollars to host an in-person seminar, at the very least, and often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Another power usage for teleseminars has surfaced recently in the affiliate marketing world – super-affiliates will host teleseminars where they interview marketers who have new releases coming out that day or the next, getting a huge jump on other affiliates promoting the same launch. Often the teleseminar is held an hour or two before the official launch, with participants on the call being allowed early access to the product or service once the call has finished.

If you’re looking for a true Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Power Tool to add to your online arsenal, teleseminars are one of the fastest ways to leap-frog to big-dog status!

Doug Champigny is well known world-wide as an Internet marketer, super-affiliate, author and mentor. For more on using teleseminars in YOUR online marketing, read his e-book Teleseminars and Webinars – 25 Secrets You Need To Know! or subscribe to his daily Marketing Domination E-Zine.

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