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PLR: The Real Way To Make Money Online?

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Everyone wants to know about the real way to make money online, when the happy truth is that there are many ways. They all require different skills. Adsense can be very rewarding if you can create and, most importantly, drive traffic to good content websites, but to be reliant upon Adsense means to be reliant on Google who can ‘fire’ you by canceling your account at any time. Affiliate marketing requires you to be skilled in writing product reviews and presell pages, and the competition can be cut-throat as Adwords users try to outdo each others’ ads.

Establishing yourself as a reseller or creator of digital products has many advantages compared with these. You are firmly in control. You sell your product from your own website and collect 100% of the earnings. Or even better, you can set up your own affiliate program and have affiliates selling your products for you too. This can send your earnings soaring.

If you are wondering how to find digital products, don’t worry, it is not difficult. Of course you can create them, but assuming you do not want to, you can find ebooks or software with resale rights or private label rights. If you have resale rights you are not usually permitted to alter the products in any way, and they will contain links to the original author’s site and affiliate programs. But with private label rights you can change the product to make it unique, publish it in your own name, and include affiliate links that will continue to bring you income for a long time after the sale of the product itself.

You may get promotional material including a sales letter and graphics when you buy these digital products. These may be very well designed and it is tempting to go ahead and upload the sales letter to your website exactly as it is, except of course for adding your own payment button. However, it is much better to make some changes for both visitors and the search engines. You may be able to improve the sales page and with private label rights you can give the product a new title and graphics to make it unique.

For ebooks, it is wise to do some rewriting. In some cases the English is not good and you will have to, but even if it is fine, you will probably want to add your own ideas, change things around and create something new. This can be done in a tiny fraction of the time that would have been required to write an ebook from scratch, leaving you more time for the important things like bringing visitors to your site to buy it. Online marketing is not as difficult as it may sound, and much of it can be done for free. You can start a blog, promote it in forums, write articles, and there are many free advertising sites. There is a wealth of information on how to do all of this available on the internet.

Many marketers also use paid advertising including Google Adwords to drive traffic to their products. This can bring you extra sales but you will need good Adwords training before you start, as it is possible to lose a lot of money by choosing the wrong keywords. You may also be able to find online coupons that will give you a bonus $25 or $50 in your new Adwords account.

The most important thing you can do for your new online business is to decide on a direction to follow and then focus on it without other distractions. Many of us find that marketing products created from PLR digital products is the best way to make money online.

Rosie Cottis has been working online full-time since 2005. She reveals the full secrets behind marketing PLR products in Cash Avalanche.

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