Resell Rights Ninja – Video Training How To For Resell Rights Products

Resell Rights Ninja – Video Training How To For Resell Rights Products

The best Internet marketing products have a few thing in common… They’re easy to learn from, packed with great actionable information and what they teach can be put to use right away in your online marketing to help you make money online. And it’s better still if they can help you across the board in your online marketing efforts, covering Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and niche marketing activities all in one training product.

Not many products can meet all those criteria, but a good Resell Rights how-to can, like the Resell Rights how-to training video e-book that’s one of the products available from

Resell Rights Ninja is exactly that kind of product – it gives you in-depth information on how to use Master Resell Rights in your online marketing, and it comes with MRR itself so that you can immediately turn around and put what it teaches to good use selling that same product to help others make money online.

This video e-book is in PC format for PCs only – sorry, no Mac version – and has 12 videos in a simple, easy to use interface – no more hunting around trying to find video after video in numerous folders. And as well as the video e-book, your master rights download includes a copy of the salespage, the download page, 4 sample e-mails to add to your autoresponder and some handy affiliate resources to make it easier for your affiliates to sell Resell Rights Ninja for you – all in all a very complete and professional package!

Get all the details and secure your copy of Resell Rights Ninja with Master Resell Rights now!

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1 Hour + 1 Week = 149 Backlinks

Article Marketing – Boost Your Branding, Backlinks, PageRank & Profits in 1 Hour A Week.

©2008 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Is it really possible to majorly affect your success online in just one hour a week?

Yes, once you’ve mastered Article Marketing, one of the most powerful Web 2.0 tactics that can boost your branding, provide backlinks to your sites, boost your site’s PageRank, drive targeted traffic & skyrocket your profits in 1 Hour A Week.

Another big advantage is that Article Marketing can put you miles ahead of your competition, especially if you’re selling resell rights products or promoting affiliate marketing links, two areas with the most direct competition online. You see, very few people mount any real marketing attack in these two areas – the send out an e-mail or two and move on to the next product. By raising the profile, links to and search engine rankings for your affiliate pre-sell pages, squeeze pages or resell rights sales pages, you can start to see results not matched by any of your competition.

Here’s a real-world example of the power of Article Marketing:

On April 23, 2008, I spent 15 minutes writing each of 3 articles – 45 minutes total. I was careful to pick topics that are tightly targeted to the sites and products I have online, so they were on resell rights, article marketing and affiliate marketing.

That’s an important point about successful article marketing – the more tightly targeted your article is to your sites’ target market, the better your results will be. With article marketing you’re actually pre-qualifying your traffic because only those who were sufficiently interested in reading your original article will click the following link to your sites, and if the article was highly relevant then this targeted traffic arrives at your site already accepting you as an expert in the subject area and ready to see what more you have on it.

Back to our article marketing case study… After spending 45 minutes writing the three articles, I then fired my secret weapon – the real trick to doing article marketing quickly, efficiently and effectively. I logged into one of the most-professional article submission services online and uploaded my 3 articles – I’ll say it took 15 minutes including writing the descriptions, author’s info box and linking URL for the three articles, but in reality it probably took less than 10 minutes. But we’ll call it 15 minutes and the hour was up.

I then put article marketing out of my mind and went back to all my ‘normal’ internet marketing and affiliate marketing efforts. A
week later as I was about to start week two’s article marketing activities, I logged back into the submission service to see what the situation was with the first 3 articles. How does 149 backlinks in Google alone sound to you?

In fact, in just one week, the numbers were:

55 pages indexed and live in google showing my resell rights article;

43 pages indexed and live in Google showing my Article Marketing article; and

51 pages indexed and live in Google showing my Affiliate Marketing article!

That’s 149 more places for people to run into my name and solid info from me online, 149 more links back to my sites, each capable of attracting tightly-targeted traffic to my salespages and affiliate marketing pre-sell pages. For one hour’s work, total. That’s the immediate benefit to article marketing – almost instant spidering by the search engines, and a number of new profit conduits set up aimed at your payment button or affiliate links.

Assuming that was the average response rate, over the course of a year that would be about 150 articles you would write and submit, and the results would be almost 7,500 links to your sites, blogs and affiliate links – think that would help your marketing efforts? And even if you could find them, what do you think 7,500 one-way backlinks to your sites would cost?

And believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Article Marketing. You see, to already be spidered, indexed and appearing in Google within a week of going online, those copies of my articles are all at article directories or article repostories – the sites online where webmasters, marketers, e-zine publishers, e-book authors and bloggers go to find fresh content. And, increasingly, video marketers looking for articles to turn into viral videos.

Assuming even a very small proportion of those people like the articles and choose to use them, the number of sites using the articles, promoting my name and expertise, and exposing people to my links will skyrocket exponentially. So during our sample year, as more directories are spidered, as more webmasters, marketers and bloggers use my articles and are eventually spidered too, the number of links to my sites from those 150 articles could easily reach 15,000, 30,000 or even 100,000 links, each it’s own tiny little salesperson for my growing online empire.

And remember too, article marketing is just one area of a professional marketing attack, a small part of the full Web 2.0 traffic-generating techniques, albeit a very powerful part. If you’ve been missing out on the power of article marketing, you may now have a better idea of why some marketers are doing so much better with resell rights products and affiliate marketing than you have been. Change that today – add the power of Article Marketing into YOUR Internet marketing arsenal today!

Web 2.0 Expert Doug Champigny is a well-known Internet marketing coach, mentor & speaker, and the originator of the Massive Traffic Bootcamp. Doug presents a lot more Article Marketing advice on his Start Article Marketing website. The ‘Article Marketing Secret Weapon’ Doug refers to above can be found at Article Marketer.

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Pricing Your PLR Products

Pricing Your PLR Products

© Doug Champigny. All rights Reserved.

When you have PLR, or private label rights, to a product, you can do anything you want with that product. You can change it, repackage it, and put your name on it. You can sell resell rights, master resell rights, or even private label rights. Where you may run into a dilemma is when you try to put a price on your PLR product and determine what it is worth.

First, let’s point out that if you do not change the product, other than to rename it, put your name on it, and repackage it, it probably isn’t worth what you paid for it in the first place. There are too many others that will only make those small changes as well.

If you, however, make drastic changes to the product, it is worth more. Furthermore, if you offer resell rights, master resell rights, or PLR, it is worth yet more. The price of the product is determined by how unique it is to the market, as well as how useful it is to the market. Of course, market demand plays into that as well. But you don’t want an MBA here. You simply want to know how to price your PLR products.

First, look for similar products and see what they are selling for. When you do this, be sure to read the sales pages, and see what the merchant is offering. What bonuses are included? Does the product promise something that yours does not? Is your product better?

Often, the company or person who sold you the PLR product will suggest a sales price. This is a good starting point, but take into consideration any changes that you made to make the product better, as well as what the market is willing to pay for such a product.

You may also want to test different prices to see which one pulls the most sales. This can easily be done with the use of Google AdWords, capture pages, and redirects. When a person clicks on your AdWords ad, they are taken to your capture page. Embedded in your capture page is a script that will send the person to one of several different webpages randomly or in rotation. Each of those pages is identical sales pages for your product, with different prices. You can use this data to see which price is doing better. Once you have enough data to be sure which converts best, you can eliminate the other pages – you know which price is a winner!

Doug Champigny is a popular Internet marketer, super-affiliate, blogger, e-zine publisher, mentor and speaker – and a noted PLR expert, in thanks partly to his PLR Tutorial Videos and his How To Become A PLR PRO! e-book. If you want yet more information on Private Label Rights, visit Doug Champigny’s Becoming A PLR Pro Blog.

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PLR, MRR, RR – Rights Explained…

The Various Levels of Resell Rights Explained.

©2007 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

With the launch this week of our PLR Tutorial Videos, a number of questions have flowed in about the various types of rights – Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resell Rights (MRR), Resell Rights (RR) and Personal Use Rights (PUR). Since there seems to be widespread confusion, let me at leasst outline the basics for you…

The most valuable of Rights you can purchase are PLR – Private Label Rights. These are products – e-books, audios, videos and/or articles – that you have the righrt to use as your own. Usually you can add your own name, edit the products any way you wish, and market them as your own products, just as if you’d created them yourself from scratch, but without the big time investment. Naturally, therefore, these tend to be the most expensive of rights.

Second in line are MRR products – those with Master Resell Rights. Usually you CANNOT modify the products themselves on these, but CAN alter the salespage, graphics, download page, etc. You have the right to resell these items, and you can also sell the resell rights to your customers, either as part of their purchase or as an upsell. For example, on some of the products I’ve created the rights are automatically conveyed to every buyer, while on others the product is $27 – $47, with the rights being $47 – $97.

Resell Rights, often referred to as Standard Resell Rights, is similar to MRR except while YOU are allowed to sell the products, your CUSTOMERS cannot. They are buying from you for their personal use only, to learn from or to use (if it’s software, etc.).

Personal Usage Rights (PUR) mean that you’ve bought the product for your own education or use, but may not resell the product in any way. This is relatively common online, but especially so with offline biz – your Windows or Mac operating system, for example, allows you to use the product, but not to resell copies of it.

Some products, usually simple software or minor reports, also come with giveaway rights, which are exactly what they sound like – you’re free to give those away any way you like. Usually these are products the creator is using to promote their product, and sometimes they allow you to use your affiliate link in the product so that you and the originator both benefit from those you give it to.

ONE MAJOR RIGHTS CAVEAT: Every product you buy should come with a file stating clearly exactly what rights you get with your purchase, especially if they weren’t clearly spelled out on the salespage and/or download page. Often, the rights carry additional restrictions beyond the general rights categories above, and it’s necessary for you to check to be sure you’re in compliance at all times.

When it comes to any type of resell rights, one general rule ALWAYS applies – ‘If in doubt, check it out!’ If you can’t find the info about the rights you have, contact the originator of the product or the reseller you got it from to be sure.

Doug Champigny is a popular Internet marketer, super-affiliate, blogger, e-zine publisher, mentor and speaker who has released a number of online products with various levels of rights. To see his latest release, visit the PLR Tutorial Videos web site, where Doug teaches people how to turn PLR e-books into their own unique products via his step-by-step video instruction.

Making Money With PLR

PLR: The Real Way To Make Money Online?

© Rosie Cottis. All Rights Reserved.

Everyone wants to know about the real way to make money online, when the happy truth is that there are many ways. They all require different skills. Adsense can be very rewarding if you can create and, most importantly, drive traffic to good content websites, but to be reliant upon Adsense means to be reliant on Google who can ‘fire’ you by canceling your account at any time. Affiliate marketing requires you to be skilled in writing product reviews and presell pages, and the competition can be cut-throat as Adwords users try to outdo each others’ ads.

Establishing yourself as a reseller or creator of digital products has many advantages compared with these. You are firmly in control. You sell your product from your own website and collect 100% of the earnings. Or even better, you can set up your own affiliate program and have affiliates selling your products for you too. This can send your earnings soaring.

If you are wondering how to find digital products, don’t worry, it is not difficult. Of course you can create them, but assuming you do not want to, you can find ebooks or software with resale rights or private label rights. If you have resale rights you are not usually permitted to alter the products in any way, and they will contain links to the original author’s site and affiliate programs. But with private label rights you can change the product to make it unique, publish it in your own name, and include affiliate links that will continue to bring you income for a long time after the sale of the product itself.

You may get promotional material including a sales letter and graphics when you buy these digital products. These may be very well designed and it is tempting to go ahead and upload the sales letter to your website exactly as it is, except of course for adding your own payment button. However, it is much better to make some changes for both visitors and the search engines. You may be able to improve the sales page and with private label rights you can give the product a new title and graphics to make it unique.

For ebooks, it is wise to do some rewriting. In some cases the English is not good and you will have to, but even if it is fine, you will probably want to add your own ideas, change things around and create something new. This can be done in a tiny fraction of the time that would have been required to write an ebook from scratch, leaving you more time for the important things like bringing visitors to your site to buy it. Online marketing is not as difficult as it may sound, and much of it can be done for free. You can start a blog, promote it in forums, write articles, and there are many free advertising sites. There is a wealth of information on how to do all of this available on the internet.

Many marketers also use paid advertising including Google Adwords to drive traffic to their products. This can bring you extra sales but you will need good Adwords training before you start, as it is possible to lose a lot of money by choosing the wrong keywords. You may also be able to find online coupons that will give you a bonus $25 or $50 in your new Adwords account.

The most important thing you can do for your new online business is to decide on a direction to follow and then focus on it without other distractions. Many of us find that marketing products created from PLR digital products is the best way to make money online.

Rosie Cottis has been working online full-time since 2005. She reveals the full secrets behind marketing PLR products in Cash Avalanche.

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PLR Profit Tactic

The Winning PLR Profit Tactic…

© Edmund Loh. All Rights Reserved.

Tired of engaging in a price war with 499 other resellers who also own the Private Label Rights to the same products as you do? Think you cannot make a comfortable living from selling Private Label digital products that are readily free and everywhere? Discouraged from making a profit from Private Label Rights?

You owe it to yourself to read this article!

I have been in the Private Label Rights (or PLR in short) business for the last 2 years. And my friend, that is almost as new as Private Label Rights came about in the Internet Marketing industry. So I can certainly relate to how you feel, which is why I hope that through this article, I can help expand your thinking horizon.

Now believe it or not, profiting from Private Label Content is nowhere near as hard as you think it is. As a matter of fact, it is SIMPLE. ‘And how simple?’ you ask. Well, almost as simple as ‘be unique’. It is two simple but powerful words that can enable you to unlock your riches in Private Label Content.

Would it surprise you that some of the top Internet Marketers you and I know of today are actually just ordinary people doing things differently and are enjoying extraordinary results?

That’s correct. And I want you to subscribe to the same school of thought these folks are doing exactly right now: do what others won’t do so you get what others won’t get!

Okay, so how does that apply when it comes to profiting from Private Label Rights?

For example, if the Private Label Content is readily available in E-Book format, you can spawn a series of short reports from the same material. And if you can create, say, 10 short reports, from a thick PLR E-Book, and charge $10.00 per pop, you have 10 instant products instead of 1, thus ten-folding your income potential! While other resellers are fighting a bloody price war (some lives lost, maybe?), you catapult yourself out of the crowded battle and have the rest of the marketplace to yourself to profit from!

And what if the Private Label Content is a barrage of articles? Well, you can compile your own ‘Big Book’ and sell at $37.00 – $47.00 per pop! Plus, consider other options such as starting your own paid E-Course, audio session, membership site content, and so many more.

Remember: a lot of people are generally lazy and usually take the easy way out. Ways as easy as reselling Private Label Content as they are in spite of the abundance of editing privileges.

But as long as you put a ‘little’ extra effort in becoming unique and adding value, you place yourself on top of the rest of the crowd by default. Take my word for it, because I use this winning PLR profit tactic for a living!

Edmund Loh is a renowned master and expert in the Resell Rights and Private Label Rights domain, and has worked together with many Internet Marketers from around the world in multiple online projects. You can pick up your own copy of ‘Resell Rights Crisis Solved!’ (a $47.00 value) for free and discover even more cutting-edge, profit-pulling Resell Rights and Private Label Rights strategies at
Edmund Loh’s Website.

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Master Resell Rights Success

© Mike Mazzella. All Rights Reserved.

Master Resell Rights products offer you the opportunity to build a profitable business without having a product of your own. You also don’t have to settle for commissions on sales of affiliate products, even though selling a product to which you have Master Resell Rights actually is much like affiliate marketing, with a few differences.

With an affiliate product, your only job is to promote the product so that sales are made, for which you receive a commission. With a MRR (Master Resell Rights) product, however, you will provide your own sales page, you will collect the funds from the customers, and you will deliver the product to them. You will also be responsible for providing customer support, in most cases, although this support is usually limited to sales and delivery of the product, not to the technical aspect of the product.

As with any type of business, there is never a sure way to succeed, but always a sure way to fail. Success cannot be guaranteed with any business because there are too many factors involved that pertain to success. However, there are some things that you can do to greatly increase your chances of success.

Let’s first look at the fastest way to fail with Master Resell Rights, so we can get that out of the way. The fastest way to fail with Master Resell Rights is to do little or nothing at all. The product can sit there on your hard drive, and if you don’t attempt to do something with it, you will fail. That is true of any business.

With that said, let’s start looking at how you can succeed with Master Resell Rights products.

  1. Explore the Niche. It isn’t wise to buy into a product that is suited or targeted to a niche that you know little or nothing about. It could very well be an unprofitable niche. It may be suitable for a niche that is too broad. Before you purchase those rights, take a look at the market that the product is suited for, and determine whether or not it is a profitable niche.
  2. Research to find out whether or not the product is needed or wanted by the market in that niche. Just because a niche is profitable, this does not mean that the market wants or needs the product in question. Start reading forum posts that relate to that niche and you will discover what the market wants.
  3. Test the Market. If you have a hard time determining what a niche wants from the popular forums within that niche, you may need to run some tests. Find a related or similar affiliate product, that you do know that the niche wants or needs. Sell it using Google AdWords, build an opt-in list from that traffic, and then offer some free gift for those list members in exchange for taking a survey.
  4. Be Different. Once you’ve determined that there is a profitable niche and that the product is wanted or needed by that niche, buy it – and then be different. Remember that others are also buying the Master Resell Rights to the product. Make sure that you have a different sales page, and if allowed, a different ecover for the product.
  5. Spice Up the Package. If it is allowed, you should definitely offer bonuses to your customers that other resellers are not offering. This makes your product more valuable, even though it is the exact same product. The package is different – and valuable – which means more profit for you.
  6. Don’t Ignore the Backend. Most products will not be wanted or needed forever – especially when there are multiple people selling it. Make sure you are building an opt-in list, and creating or finding other Master Resell Rights products that you can sell to your customers later on. Otherwise, you are headed down a dead end street.
  7. Know and Follow the Rules. Most people never even read the MRR agreement, and this is a huge mistake. You need to know what is and is not allowed, preferably before you purchase the product. It is also important to know whether marketing materials will be included in the package, and whether or not you are free to edit those materials.
  8. Do Not Buy a Potential Freebie. An important thing to look for in the MRR is whether or not the product can be given away for free. If it can, it really has no value to you at all. Avoid purchasing the Master Resell Rights for such products.
  9. Resell the Resell Rights. Hopefully, you will have the right to resell the resell rights to the product. If you can resell the Master Resell Rights to the product, this is even better. You can have one price for the product itself, a price for the product plus the resell rights, and yet another price for the product and the Master Resell Rights. If you do, take advantage of it, and make sure that you are marketing to both potential customers/users of the product and marketers who market in that niche as well.
  10. Offer Master Resell Rights. Finally, if you have created your own product, make sure that you offer the Master Resell Rights to it. This is a great way to make a large profit in a short period of time. Marketers are always on the lookout for a new product to offer their customers, and by filling that need, you will most likely enjoy great success.

Mike Mazzella is a well-known Internet Marketer who has recently achieved super-affiliate status, climbing to the top of many affiliate marketing and Joint Venture competitions. To read more from Mike, visit his Internet Marketing Blog. You can download 50 top Internet marketing products with Master Resell Rights from his collection here.

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