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Mike Paetzold back for day 4 of my stop here as part of The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour. Today the topic will be using podcasts for traffic. If you are looking for more ways to get traffic I strongly recommend Doug’s Top Traffic Tips.

Podcasts are really nothing more than a sound or video file that you syndicate through a feed. Now that sounds a bit complex and that is probably why most people ignore them.

Now before I get into using a podcast consider this. How many ipods have been sold? How many books are now available in audio versions? How many files are available in Itunes?

Getting information in an audio format has become the primary media source for a large portion of people. When I bought my first Ipod 5 years ago my step daughter asked why an old fart like me would want one? Of course the fact that she wanted it may have had something to do with it ;) but today all ages use mp3 players regularly.

This makes audio a format that any marketer can use to their advantage.

Now to some of the technical stuff. It is easy to record an audio and you can use the same content and just read it out loud and record it. Free software like Audacity makes it really easy with a computer and a microphone to make mp3 files. Upload them to a blog and use a plugin like Podpress and 98% of the technical know how has been overcome.

A few things to consider when using podcasts. If you want people to take an action it pays to have an easy to remember domain name. The person listening may not be at their computer but listening to your podcast while they are driving to work or jogging.

Domain redirects make it easier for them to remember, Something like www.thecbpirate.com is much easier than if I used the actual affiliate link http://cbpirate.com/main/mpaet3 although both go to the same page.

The other thing is that an mp3 file has an id3 tag. Use that to fill in information about your podcast and make sure you add your link into the description section because that will show on most mp3 players making it easier for people to find the site you talked about.

Finally you need to take the time to set your podcast up on the directories so people can find it easily. At the very least make sure that you get it into Itunes and Podcast Alley but the more the merrier.

So start using your content in audio format to increase the exposure and it will bring you more traffic.

I could just cover the very basics and why you should podcast in this post . Check out Doug’s It’s You Live! for complete step by step instructions on the technical aspects of podcasting.

See you back here tomorrow for my last lesson in this visit.

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Podcasting & Video Blogging (Vlogging)

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A new song by your favorite artist is played on the radio for the first time, and you recognize their voice instantly. Because you like their previous releases, you know you’ll pick up this new release too… A TV commerical runs on your local station, and you immediately realize the spokesmodel is an actor who’s on your favorite show. That recognition and ‘connection’ to this person influences your decision to try this product – if THEY suggest you use it, it can’t be that bad, can it?

And so it goes in modern society around the world – mass media has shaped our societies to the extent that recognizable celebrities wield enormous marketing power over their fans – influence that large corporations pay a fortune to harness and direct each year.

And now, through the power of amazing new Internet technologies, you can use those same tactics to brand YOU a star, to build YOUR brand awareness, to drive traffic to YOUR websites and affiliate links and make more profit online as a result… How do you achieve this celebrity status and become instantly recognized by voice or your image? Become the trusted voice that leads the masses to buy?

Podcasting & Video Blogging!

When you add podcasting and vlogging to your marketing mix, you begin to harness that star power, to brand your voice and image and to build a foolowing that can give rise to an almost ‘cult’ following. Broadcasting your voice and image around the world over the Internet gives you a much larger potential audience than any television station has – and the delivery of broadcasts to cell phones, PDA’s and other handheld devices increases that audience even more!

Radio & TV stations pay millions to set up their facilities and get their broadcast out to the masses… But if you’re reading this, chances are you only need one or two inexpensive software additions to be able to start broadcast right now – today! You don’t even need website hosting – these technologies use the power of blogs (which you can get free through Blogger or WordPress) and podcast and video directories online like iTunes and YouTube, which will host your broadcasts for you for free as well!

But how do you know what you need, or how to get started?

See the info here about ‘It’s You… Live! Podcasting & Vlogging Your Way To Success!‘. Payment button will not be active until Oct 20th.

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