I Was Just Checking Out Your New Internet Marketing Videos…

I was just checking out your new Internet marketing videos, and I must say I’m impressed! Uh, hang on – let me backtrack here a bit…

Yes, the quality and styling of the Internet marketing videos and affiliate marketing videos really did impress me – as they will everyone who sees them.

But they’re not actually yours yet, truth be told…

First, you have to get on the announcement list so you know when the doors open. Next, you have to act quickly when they do, because clients will only be accepted for four days – four days next week, in fact.

Then, and only then, you’ll have to tell them each month what your new video will be about – what product, service or squeeze page it’ll be promoting. You see, these are custom made videos, one per month, for whatever YOU want a video for – they can be Internet marketing based, affiliate marketing based – even videos for promoting an offline business! It’s entirely up to you once you’re a member of iFlash Videos Monthly.

So you see, it wasn’t exactly YOUR videos I saw, it was affiliate marketing videos and Internet marketing videos that iFlash has produced for it’s current customers, mostly advertising agencies who pay a LOT more for the same video services – in fact, even if you’re a video expert, I doubt you can justify the time to do your own videos when you can get them this cheap.

But because this video creation service is being offered for so little an outlay each month, they’re only willing to accept new members for 4 days – if you’re serious about moving ahead in your online business or seriously promoting an offline business, be sure to get on the iFlash announcement list today!

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Major List Building Breakthrough Secrets Revealed In Free Video

List building is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing success, yet there is little published on it lately since most of the formerly-effective methods of list-building have lost a lot of their ‘oomph’. That’s not a surprising result when you think about it though – most strategies to date either keep inbreeding marketers opt-in lists through giveaways only promoted by fellow marketers, or are prohibitively expensive for most Internet marketers, especially new marketers just starting out and affiliate marketers who haven’t yet reached super-affiliate status.

So it’s both vitally important and major breaking news when someone comes up with a new system to build opt-in lists fast from outside the existing Internet marketing structure, providing the subscribers are still targeted leads and the system is either reasonably affordable by all or better still, free. And just such a system has just been revealed by well-known Internet marketer Socrates Socratous.

Those of you who were present for my speech on Maximizing Monetization at the Internet Marketing Summit in Sandusky Ohio will already know Socrates – he was co-host for the event with Henry Gold and Gina Gaudio-Graves. In the two years since then, Socrates has been experimenting with various list-building concepts to find workarounds that solve the problems faced by online marketers trying to build opt-in lists.

He’s found a few that work, and now has over 200,000 people on his list – 200,000 targeted leads for his websites, blogs and affiliate links. Gee, think he’s making an income online? ;-)

But the main thing is, Socrates has agreed to share his success, beginning with a free video that teaches one of the most innovative systems of list-building I’ve seen in my 12+ years online full-time. This one has it all for you – it’s powerful, it’s ‘set-and-forget’, it’s repeatable as often as you want to use it, and both the video teaching the system and the methods you’ll learn are free.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve seen this before – unless you were paying a fortune to be in on Socrates private coaching, you won’t have seen this system anywhere. And don’t think that because it’s free it’s not powerful – just one of these little ‘list-building engines’ has brought in over 3,000 subscribers from the original two hours it took to set up.

There’s no pitch in the video to try and get you to buy anything, no forced continuity, no hidden catches – you just watch the video and decide if it’s for you or not, and by then you’ll already have seen why it’s free to use this system yourself.

So take a few minutes now and watch the free List-Building Video Tutorial from Socrates Socratous… You’ll be blown away by it’s simplicity and power – I know that because I was too! :-)

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Free Goal-Setting Video and Calendar from Derek Gehl

Will you act during the economic downturn, or simply REACT?

Don’t let fear of the recession guide your goal setting
plans for 2009. This is a BIG mistake…!

Fear is an emotional response, only good for short-term

When you’re in “fight or flight” mode, you’re not thinking
clearly about the path you’re running… You’re just RUNNING!

So your efforts lack strategy, planning, and insight.

I want you to do more than just survive 2009.

Internet shopping is predicted to hit $145.1 Billion in
the coming year, a significant 14% increase — despite the

Consumers will be spending more time at home, using their
computers for everything from bargain hunting and product
research to upgrading skills.

Studies show this shift is ALREADY well underway…!

I don’t want the Big “R” to stop you from pursuing exciting
personal, financial, and business goals in 2009, so I’ve
arranged to get you exclusive VIP access to an important
video that Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl just put up
on his site.

Derek’s been successfully selling on the Internet for over
a decade now, and he’s brought in over $100 MILLION in sales…

… so he’s by far the BEST person to advise you about how
to thrive in ANY market.

When you watch his FREE Goal Setting Video, you’ll discover
how you can make 2009 your richest year yet:

Derek Gehl’s Free Goal-Setting Video & Calendar

Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in 2009!

Teri Champigny,
Market My Dot Com!

P.S. Derek’s also going to be hosting a FREE Webinar in the
first week of January to help everyone kick-off their New
Year’s goals with a bang.

You can register for it here:
Free Derek Gehl Webinar Information

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Learn To Edit Your Own Videos…

Last year, Doug Champigny released his famous PLR Tutorial Videos,
still the best training around on how to convert PLR E-Books into
your own unique products to put online. A year later, people are
still snapping them up left and right, because Doug is a true PLR
Master and because the big 800×600 videos make it easy to follow
along as you convert your PLR E-Books. He’s done a number of paid
and free teleseminars on using PLR over the last 3 years, so you
might even have been on one or more of the calls yourself…

Well, he’s done it again – only this time the topic is using PLR
Videos to maximum advantage. The bundle includes the recording of
his recent paid teleseminar on the subject, the written transcript
of the call, and step-by-step how-to videos that show you how to
take PLR videos – or really ANY videos – and make them into your
own products. Check out the info on the page at

Doug Champigny’s Using PLR Videos Bundle

He shows you a simple way that any newbie can master in a couple of
hours, then shows you how to truly edit videos – add voice, text,
add & remove video or audio, etc. etc. With video becoming the
biggest thing online these days, this is training you simply must
have – and it’s not available anywhere else at any amount – once
again Doug’s the first to bring you this information. So hit
the Using PLR Videos Bundle page
now and download yours today!

PS – there’s two bonus videos in there too – one that shows how
to make simple BuyNow buttons using PayPal, and one showing how to
create your own intros & exits to plug into the start of finish of
every video you use online – be sure to watch those, too!

Doug Champigny’s Using PLR Videos Bundle

To Your Success with Video…

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Biggest Firesale Ever Launching!

Go to www.Secrets-Sale.com for information on Vince Tan’s Biggest Firesale launch – This Biggest Firesale Video shows you why!

Biggest Firesale Ever Launching!For more amazing video clips, click here

Over 100 Top Internet Marketers are participating in this record-setting online event, making it the Biggest Firesale Ever!

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PLR Videos Training Call – Another Team Champigny World First!

This is it – today is the last day to book your spot on Wednesday’s PLRGold Videos Training teleseminar and webinar – after midnight tonight Eastern, no more spots will be allocated.

This is the evnet where I’m going to walk up to 100 people through the steps of using PLR videos to create their own products. First I’ll teach you an easy way that even a newbie can use right off, then I’ll show you some advanced editing methods for making PLR videos into your own product.

If you have PLR videos you want to sell online, or plan to down the road, this is definitely a don’t-miss event – the first-ever teleseminar/webinar simulcast on converting PLR Videos into unique products! Get your spot reserved now on the PLR Videos Teleseminar Information Page – Don’t miss out!

See you Wednesday on the call…


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Podcasting & Video Blogging (Vlogging)

“Podcasting & Vlogging, or Video Blogging:
2 Innovative New Technologies Let You
Harness The Power Of The Stars To
Create Content, Increase Traffic,
Sell More Products & Make More
Money Online!”

©2008 Doug Champigny. All rights reserved.

A new song by your favorite artist is played on the radio for the first time, and you recognize their voice instantly. Because you like their previous releases, you know you’ll pick up this new release too… A TV commerical runs on your local station, and you immediately realize the spokesmodel is an actor who’s on your favorite show. That recognition and ‘connection’ to this person influences your decision to try this product – if THEY suggest you use it, it can’t be that bad, can it?

And so it goes in modern society around the world – mass media has shaped our societies to the extent that recognizable celebrities wield enormous marketing power over their fans – influence that large corporations pay a fortune to harness and direct each year.

And now, through the power of amazing new Internet technologies, you can use those same tactics to brand YOU a star, to build YOUR brand awareness, to drive traffic to YOUR websites and affiliate links and make more profit online as a result… How do you achieve this celebrity status and become instantly recognized by voice or your image? Become the trusted voice that leads the masses to buy?

Podcasting & Video Blogging!

When you add podcasting and vlogging to your marketing mix, you begin to harness that star power, to brand your voice and image and to build a foolowing that can give rise to an almost ‘cult’ following. Broadcasting your voice and image around the world over the Internet gives you a much larger potential audience than any television station has – and the delivery of broadcasts to cell phones, PDA’s and other handheld devices increases that audience even more!

Radio & TV stations pay millions to set up their facilities and get their broadcast out to the masses… But if you’re reading this, chances are you only need one or two inexpensive software additions to be able to start broadcast right now – today! You don’t even need website hosting – these technologies use the power of blogs (which you can get free through Blogger or WordPress) and podcast and video directories online like iTunes and YouTube, which will host your broadcasts for you for free as well!

But how do you know what you need, or how to get started?

See the info here about ‘It’s You… Live! Podcasting & Vlogging Your Way To Success!‘. Payment button will not be active until Oct 20th.

If you’re reading this before Oct 20th, download it from The FreePLR Giveaway!

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Using Video To Build Opt-In Lists

Using Video To Build Opt-In Lists

© Doug Champigny, PLRForSale.com

More and more video is appearing online – both personal videos people share with friends and videos marketers are using to sell their products, build traffic to their web sites, as products themselves, and to build their lists.

When you talk about using video for list-building, most people immediately think of offering downloadable videos as bait to get people to opt-in – and that’s a very good use of video. But there’s an even better way to use video for building your list – Video Squeeze Pages!

Still fairly new online, the initial results from video opt-in pages are extremely encouraging – people are reporting much higher opt-in rates with video squeeze pages than the standard HTML pages that were there before. And that’s not really surprising, if you think about live in the offline world.

It’s human nature that we prefer doing business with people we know, as opposed to big, faceless corporations. You like dealing with Bob the grocer, Mary the hairdresser, Donna the newspaper girl and Billy the pool boy. But what emotion is called up by thinking about the government, the banks, the telephone and cable companies or an oil company? Which of those two groups would you rather your money was going to?

The same will most likely prove to be the case online, based on the results we’re seeing from video. When you do a quick video inviting people to sign up and telling them about your e-zine and your incentive, they’re doing business with YOU – a real, live human being they can probably relate to, as opposed to a big faceless website.

You’ve been to a number of the huge websites – from corporate sites to the search engines. Feel any emotional attachments to them? Would you care if they disappeared tomorrow and were replaced by another? Would you even notice?

But if you frequent a marketer’s site, one that presents themselves in videos for you, the connection is stronger. Not as strong as if you’d met them in person, perhaps, but MUCH more so than a corporate site.

And THAT’S the reason emerging for the fact that video squeeze pages are getting better results. And like anything in the realm of marketing, better results means more profit – and that more and more people will be following suit until the market is saturated – if that level CAN be reached online.

But don’t wait til video squeeze pages are as common as blogs are today – get your own video squeeze page online now while they’re fairly new, and enjoy the extra returns it brings. Simply put your short video on a page with your opt-in form beside it, and invite people to fill out the information and download your gift.

Web 2.0 targeted traffic expert Doug Champigny was one of the first to put a major audio-video toolset for Internet Marketers online, and uses video for a number of marketing tasks online. His Building Your Opt-In List PLR Bundle is now available to the first 200 buyers only.

And enjoy all the extra opt-ins your video squeeze page will bring you!

Using Video to Generate Traffic

© Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Video has taken the Internet by storm, and it has become an important advanced traffic generation technique. Statistics show that people will opt to view a video before they will choose to read the same information, in printed format, or before they will listen to a plain audio file.

Video is quite popular, and many attribute this popularity to the fact that the majority of us now grew up with televisions in our homes – we watched television more often than we listened to the radio or read a book. So, we can accept that fact that the majority of cyber citizens prefer video, but how can you incorporate that into your overall advanced traffic generation strategy?

Well, there are two ways to use video to your advantage. First, you can create your own video, and upload it to the various free video sites, such as Google Video, Yahoo Video, and YouTube. Once you have it uploaded, you can tag it with keywords, which makes it searchable from those websites.

Great – so your video is available to the public, but that still does not explain how it can generate traffic. You get to set up a profile on those sites, where you can include your website link. You can also watermark your URL into the video. You can also click on the ‘embed’ button next to your video on YouTube, and copy and paste that code into the HTML code of your website to have that video appear on your website as well.

The other method for using video for traffic generation is to embed someone else’s video on your website. Remember, just as your video is free for others to use, their videos are free for you to use as well, using the same ‘embed’ method as discussed earlier. But why would someone come to your site to view someone else’s video – especially when they could go directly to YouTube or Google Video to see the same thing?

They will come to your site to view it because you’ve gone to the trouble of digging that video out of the pile, among the millions of videos that reside on those sites. You’ve gone through the trouble of letting people know that you have that video available for them. That’s why!

You can use videos on your web pages and as a substitution for a blog post on your blog as well. When you post a video, visit related blogs and add comments, using the URL that points to that video. You may even use PPC to drive traffic to that video, if you think it’s going to convert into sales for you.

But doesn’t the use of video fail to aid in search engine optimization, since there isn’t any text for the search engine to look at? Absolutely not – You will use text in the link to the video and in the alt tags for the video as well. You can even write a one paragraph description for the video, which can be placed either above or below the video on the page. That’s enough to feed the search engines for SEO!

Doug Champigny is an Internet marketer and well-known glamour videographer who uses video regularly in his Internet marketing and Affiliate marketing efforts. For the biggest bundle of audio & video tools for your marketing efforts, Doug recommends the Internet Audio Video Pro Toolkit.

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