List Building Mistakes

4 Critical Mistakes on List Building

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As an Internet Marketer, building an opt-in list is vital to your overall success. This has been the case for as long as we have used the Internet as a marketing tool. Having an opt-in list allows you to immediately contact customers when new products are available, and also allows you to continue to market products which your list have not yet bought.

There are many ways to build an opt-in list, but there are also many mistakes that can be made along the way. Here are five critical mistakes that can be made, and how to avoid them.

  1. Failure to build a relationship with your list. Building a list is one thing, using it to your advantage is something else. You’ve got to keep in touch with your list. Weekly mailings are advised. Twice weekly mailings are better. Daily mailings are okay, but you don’t want to go overboard. Relationship building goes a little further in that you must answer emails from your list, and the email you send to them needs to be from a personal viewpoint – not sole advertisement.
  2. Failure to see that quality matters over quantity. Having a big list is great, unless it’s totally unresponsive. When you build your list, remember that the number of list members you have isn’t nearly as important as their interest in your topic. A small list of very responsive people will always do better than a large list of mostly unresponsive people.
  3. Failure to take advantage of list building opportunities. These days, it doesn’t take years to build a healthy opt-in list. It can be done in a matter of a few weeks. Yes, you should follow all of the old techniques, but take advantage of the new techniques as well. Get involved in joint venture giveaways. Start doing some social networking. Use social bookmarks. Build your list in every way possible.
  4. Failure to use a top-of-the-line autoresponder. This is another huge mistake that people make. Autoresponders of poor quality don’t deliver as well as they should. Many are automatically blocked by spam filters – regardless of what words are used in your message. Many don’t send the emails out in a timely manner. Many malfunction and send multiple emails (identical) out to each person on the list. Avoid these problems by starting with a quality autoresponder from the very beginning. Your opt-in list will thank you for it.

I hope you enjoyed the article and hopefully I was able to supply you with some information that will help you succeed with your listbuilding efforts.

Mike Mazzella has been online for two years and has built a list from scratch using Joint Venture Giveaways. He can show you how to build a list of your own through JV Giveaways, visit his site at JV Giveaway Secrets. If you are a newbie to listbuilding you may also want to visit Mike’s List Building Source or visit the Mike Mazzella Blog.

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Master Resell Rights Success

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Master Resell Rights products offer you the opportunity to build a profitable business without having a product of your own. You also don’t have to settle for commissions on sales of affiliate products, even though selling a product to which you have Master Resell Rights actually is much like affiliate marketing, with a few differences.

With an affiliate product, your only job is to promote the product so that sales are made, for which you receive a commission. With a MRR (Master Resell Rights) product, however, you will provide your own sales page, you will collect the funds from the customers, and you will deliver the product to them. You will also be responsible for providing customer support, in most cases, although this support is usually limited to sales and delivery of the product, not to the technical aspect of the product.

As with any type of business, there is never a sure way to succeed, but always a sure way to fail. Success cannot be guaranteed with any business because there are too many factors involved that pertain to success. However, there are some things that you can do to greatly increase your chances of success.

Let’s first look at the fastest way to fail with Master Resell Rights, so we can get that out of the way. The fastest way to fail with Master Resell Rights is to do little or nothing at all. The product can sit there on your hard drive, and if you don’t attempt to do something with it, you will fail. That is true of any business.

With that said, let’s start looking at how you can succeed with Master Resell Rights products.

  1. Explore the Niche. It isn’t wise to buy into a product that is suited or targeted to a niche that you know little or nothing about. It could very well be an unprofitable niche. It may be suitable for a niche that is too broad. Before you purchase those rights, take a look at the market that the product is suited for, and determine whether or not it is a profitable niche.
  2. Research to find out whether or not the product is needed or wanted by the market in that niche. Just because a niche is profitable, this does not mean that the market wants or needs the product in question. Start reading forum posts that relate to that niche and you will discover what the market wants.
  3. Test the Market. If you have a hard time determining what a niche wants from the popular forums within that niche, you may need to run some tests. Find a related or similar affiliate product, that you do know that the niche wants or needs. Sell it using Google AdWords, build an opt-in list from that traffic, and then offer some free gift for those list members in exchange for taking a survey.
  4. Be Different. Once you’ve determined that there is a profitable niche and that the product is wanted or needed by that niche, buy it – and then be different. Remember that others are also buying the Master Resell Rights to the product. Make sure that you have a different sales page, and if allowed, a different ecover for the product.
  5. Spice Up the Package. If it is allowed, you should definitely offer bonuses to your customers that other resellers are not offering. This makes your product more valuable, even though it is the exact same product. The package is different – and valuable – which means more profit for you.
  6. Don’t Ignore the Backend. Most products will not be wanted or needed forever – especially when there are multiple people selling it. Make sure you are building an opt-in list, and creating or finding other Master Resell Rights products that you can sell to your customers later on. Otherwise, you are headed down a dead end street.
  7. Know and Follow the Rules. Most people never even read the MRR agreement, and this is a huge mistake. You need to know what is and is not allowed, preferably before you purchase the product. It is also important to know whether marketing materials will be included in the package, and whether or not you are free to edit those materials.
  8. Do Not Buy a Potential Freebie. An important thing to look for in the MRR is whether or not the product can be given away for free. If it can, it really has no value to you at all. Avoid purchasing the Master Resell Rights for such products.
  9. Resell the Resell Rights. Hopefully, you will have the right to resell the resell rights to the product. If you can resell the Master Resell Rights to the product, this is even better. You can have one price for the product itself, a price for the product plus the resell rights, and yet another price for the product and the Master Resell Rights. If you do, take advantage of it, and make sure that you are marketing to both potential customers/users of the product and marketers who market in that niche as well.
  10. Offer Master Resell Rights. Finally, if you have created your own product, make sure that you offer the Master Resell Rights to it. This is a great way to make a large profit in a short period of time. Marketers are always on the lookout for a new product to offer their customers, and by filling that need, you will most likely enjoy great success.

Mike Mazzella is a well-known Internet Marketer who has recently achieved super-affiliate status, climbing to the top of many affiliate marketing and Joint Venture competitions. To read more from Mike, visit his Internet Marketing Blog. You can download 50 top Internet marketing products with Master Resell Rights from his collection here.

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