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So far 2010 has been a big year for us, most notably for the launch of our PowerStart coaching programs. After years of providing only high-end private coaching to advanced online marketers, we decided to offer Internet marketing coaching and affiliate marketing coaching programs to new and mid-level marketers as well – programs that would be open to the public as opposed to our earlier ones.

I used my speaking gig at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Super Stars Conference to announce the programs to the marketing community and immediately filled the first session for our 4-week crash course in Internet marketing. This high-intensity hands-on course includes weekly live webinars and over 1.5 gigs of training videos created for, and available only through, the PowerStart Internet Marketing coaching program.

Since then, the course has run each month for the past 3 months with fantastic feedback from our coaching students, as you can see from the video testimonials they’ve sent us. Most didn’t believe they could accomplish so much online in just 4 weeks, but happily they’re all believers now!

Then at the start of this month (April 2010) we launched our affiliate marketing mentoring program using the same format but over 8 weeks instead of four, with live webinars every two weeks and a workbook and training videos for step-by-step guidance through the two weeks between each webinar. While we’re just reaching the mid-point of the first 8-week session, the early feedback from our Affiliate Marketing PowerStart coaching program indicates this program will be just as well received as our Internet marketing coaching has been.

As the year rolls on we’ll be adding to the courses offered, including live coaching and/or home-study courses in search engine optimization, traffic generation strategies, opt-in list building, content creation and more, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those as they’re released! Additionally, if you’re in the Philadelphia, PA area I’ll be speaking at JVAlert in mid-May and also at the Niche Affiliate Marketing Seminar (NAMS) in Atlanta Georgia in August – please come up and introduce yourself if you’re at either event!

In the meantime I suggest you give serious consideration to enrolling in either the Internet Marketing coaching program or the Affiliate Marketing coaching program – I’d love to help you make 2010 the year you turn it all around and get on track for your own dream lifestyle!

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