Major List Building Breakthrough Secrets Revealed In Free Video

List building is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing success, yet there is little published on it lately since most of the formerly-effective methods of list-building have lost a lot of their ‘oomph’. That’s not a surprising result when you think about it though – most strategies to date either keep inbreeding marketers opt-in lists through giveaways only promoted by fellow marketers, or are prohibitively expensive for most Internet marketers, especially new marketers just starting out and affiliate marketers who haven’t yet reached super-affiliate status.

So it’s both vitally important and major breaking news when someone comes up with a new system to build opt-in lists fast from outside the existing Internet marketing structure, providing the subscribers are still targeted leads and the system is either reasonably affordable by all or better still, free. And just such a system has just been revealed by well-known Internet marketer Socrates Socratous.

Those of you who were present for my speech on Maximizing Monetization at the Internet Marketing Summit in Sandusky Ohio will already know Socrates – he was co-host for the event with Henry Gold and Gina Gaudio-Graves. In the two years since then, Socrates has been experimenting with various list-building concepts to find workarounds that solve the problems faced by online marketers trying to build opt-in lists.

He’s found a few that work, and now has over 200,000 people on his list – 200,000 targeted leads for his websites, blogs and affiliate links. Gee, think he’s making an income online? ;-)

But the main thing is, Socrates has agreed to share his success, beginning with a free video that teaches one of the most innovative systems of list-building I’ve seen in my 12+ years online full-time. This one has it all for you – it’s powerful, it’s ‘set-and-forget’, it’s repeatable as often as you want to use it, and both the video teaching the system and the methods you’ll learn are free.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve seen this before – unless you were paying a fortune to be in on Socrates private coaching, you won’t have seen this system anywhere. And don’t think that because it’s free it’s not powerful – just one of these little ‘list-building engines’ has brought in over 3,000 subscribers from the original two hours it took to set up.

There’s no pitch in the video to try and get you to buy anything, no forced continuity, no hidden catches – you just watch the video and decide if it’s for you or not, and by then you’ll already have seen why it’s free to use this system yourself.

So take a few minutes now and watch the free List-Building Video Tutorial from Socrates Socratous… You’ll be blown away by it’s simplicity and power – I know that because I was too! :-)

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List Building For Newbies Videos Released

Teri & Doug Champigny announced the latest training videos
in the Training For Newbies series today, with the
release of the new List Building For Newbies videos set,
just uploaded this morning.

Team Champigny's List Building For Newbies Videos

This release follows the wildly
successful PLR For Newbies
and SEO For Newbies videos,
and is recorded in the same
large, high-resolution 800×600
WMV format as those first
two video sets in the series.

And like the previous collections,
List Building For Newbies takes
the viewer step-by-step through
each part of the process, so that
even someone with no experience
whatsoever can follow along successfuly.

There are 6 videos in the List Building series, about
an hour and twenty minutes’ worth, and the topics

  • Choosing Your Topic
  • The Tools You’ll Need
  • Creating Your First Squeeze Page
  • Setting Up Your Autoresponder & Web Forms
  • Putting It All Together, and…
  • How To Make Your New List Profitable!

While everyone is forever being told how important their
list is, they’re seldom told how to start that list, set up
their autoresponder, put the forms on the pages, etc.
Well, we’ve gone one step further – we SHOW you, step
by step, how to do all that and more.

No longer need you be confused by e-books full of jargon,
unable to find the help you need when YOU are available…
Download these great List Building For Newbies Videos
now and you can watch them as often as you like – and
simply follow along with them when YOU’RE ready to
set up and start building your opt-in lists!

Two versions of the download are available, for your
personal use only or with Master Resell Rights. Team
Champigny affiliates will find this in the affiliate section
as product number 62.

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