Monetizing Your Writing Skills On The Internet

Monetizing Your Writing Skills On The Internet

©2007 Khai, All rights reserved.

If you have a flair for writing and you want to make tons of money online, then you have a match made in Heaven!

Writers are considered to be a great asset. The Chinese have a saying called the “Iron Rice Bowl” which is used to refer to an occupation with a guaranteed job security and a good income.

Once you learn to monetize your writing skills, you can definitely guarantee yourself a “Rice Bowl” made of granite!

There are many areas that you can apply with your writing skills.

(1) Article marketing – just write one good article and have them submitted to a couple of article directories (e.g. E-zine Articles). It will give you a boost in search engine ranking and most important of all, tons of targeted traffic!

(2) E-product creation – there are thousands of E-books sold on the Internet on a daily basis. When you take a closer look at the info product creation market, you will find an inexhaustible demand for quality E-books and unique content.

(3) Blog marketing – writing professionally written blog posts and profiles is a market in itself. There is a growing need for personal and corporate blogs, and there are many out there who can’t write their way out of a grade school English test. Combined with blog template setup and header/banner creation, you have a huge market waiting for you.

(4) Copywriting – salesmanship in print! Having sales skills combined with good writing is an unstoppable synergy. And bear in mind, copywriting isn’t just about writing sales letters. The direct marketing industry is your goldmine.

(5) Viral marketing – This is similar to article marketing except that unlike articles, E-books or special reports created with master resell rights or private label rights will easily spread like wild-fire. Who needs search engines when your book and solo ads are read by hundreds of people each day?

These are just some examples. You just need to market yourself as a brand and familiarize yourself with the industry. After all, any good marketer knows that having writers in your team is a great asset to their business.

Good writers are hard to find. Finding great writers who are willing to ghostwrite for you without taking the credit is even harder.

Article ©2007 Khai, all rights reserved. Khai is a product creation expert, copywriter and E-consultant. He has created HUNDREDS of E-products online within a span of 10 short months and has a strong passion for writing. For a dose of his writings & newsletter, check out his blog at




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