The Power of Creating and Owning Your Own Information Product For Online Marketing

The Power of Creating and Owning Your Own Information Product For Online Marketing

Guest Posting By Joel Osborne.

What makes billionaires stand apart? Not only do they create their own information products but they own them as well. This is the key behind Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and countless others. They own their own networks, businesses, media companies: basically they own the information that others seek. Their products provide information for the answers that people are seeking.

Benefits of Creating and Owning Your Own Product

One of the benefits of creating your own product is that you can sell and promote them at your own discretion. You are in complete control and call the shots. Another benefit is information products grow your online presence since you can reach a global audience. These products continuously make money since you can place these products at different prices and offer things such as memberships. Information products can also bring in passive income because there are such a large variety of formats such as e-books and DVDs and each product can bring in its own source of income.

How can it Help My Online Business?

Having your own products is especially crucial for an online business. It can set you apart once you have your own, original products to sell at your fingertips. This is, in fact, the easiest way to be successful online since the product is right there and you don’t have to worry about middle-men or any other channels. This is your unique information that nobody else is selling, so you’ll have your own niche. Place your information product on your website and watch it sell, sell, sell.

How Do I Get Noticed?

Great marketing is the way to get your website’s information products noticed. Social networking will allow you to get your message and brand out there while building your business’ online presence. This is also a great way to make contacts. Reaching out to online journalists and bloggers is another way to go since they can write about your product and thus provide you with some free publicity. Also, consider setting up a forum about your products as well as a company blog to let people share ideas and freely discuss your products.


When you create and own your own information products, you are entering a new realm where you are free. You are free to set your own prices, make your own money and make your own decisions. You are free to present the information you would like to share with the world. You’ll enjoy this freedom while knowing that you’re providing valuable information as well.

About The Author, Joel Osborne…

Joel Osborne is an Internet Marketing professional who has been successfully marketing information products online for years. If you’re interested in how to create and market your own digital products, Joel recommends you read ‘A Product A Day‘, a guide to digital information products you can create in just one day each. If you are already creating your own digital products for sale online, then Joel Osborne’s Lightning Listacular report will show you how to quickly build an opt-in list to whom you can market your products.

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Monthly PLR Secrets

Secrets Of Monthly PLR Content

©2007 Joel Osborne. All Rights Reserved.

Before purchasing a membership to any private label rights membership site, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

The first thing I would like to mention is that in a monthly membership, there should be a membership cap on the amount of members that are allowed to join. This is mainly to help with any possible duplicate content issues. However the one thing that members should realize is that most members will not use all of the content every month.

You may see a cap of 500 or more members and think to yourself that 500 is way to high of a cap. But, not every member will use all of the content every single month. Some will, and most members will use some of the plr content, but not many will use all of it.

Another thing of be aware of is cheap monthly plr content (mostly plr articles) membership sites. When you see a site selling 400 plr articles a month for $10, you should ask yourself, “How are they able to charge so little?”. Well, in a lot of cases they purchase their articles from an article wholesaler. This wholesaler is selling the same articles to many different plr article membership sites.

This idea of a wholesaler sounds good… but not when it comes to plr articles. The site you join may only be accepting 200 members, but what about all of those other membership sites which are selling the same articles? Your plr articles aren’t as unique as you first may have thought. I’m not saying all cheap article sites do this, but just do your homework first. Calculate in your head the normal cost of a good article ($6-$12), times the number of monthly articles, and take into consideration the membership cap and the monthly fee. You won’t get a definite answer, so purchase wisely and get a sample article if possible before hand to check for duplication.

Joel Osborne has been using private label rights content to make a nice income for several years now.
He has recently started a new PLR membership site called Profit Reports Club. You can join for free and download a brand new report every month, or upgrade to get 4 PLR original reports every month, click here to join.

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