Come Along, Have Fun & Help The Kids – Please!

Come Along, Have Fun & Help The Kids – Please!

Today’s a very special day online, thanks to our friend Joel Comm. You might know Joel from his softcover book The Adsense Code or his new hardcover book Twitter Power – we have both and recommend them highly.

Today, Joel has organized the first live, 12 hour Tweet-a-thon, with celebrity tweeters including the likes of rapper MC Hammerand actor/author/blogger Wil Wheaton. Lots of our crowd there too, like Mike Filsaime, Warren Whitlock, Matt Bacak, Carrie Wilkerson, Deborah Cole Micek and Mari Smith.

From the event site:

“The Twitter Power Tweet-a-Thon is a 12 HOUR charity event that will be played out concurrently in two social media venues; a live video broadcast on and on itself.”

The event promises “entertainment, Twitter tips, prize giveaways, zany antics, thousands of tweets & more surprises” and if you can make a donation, 100% of it will go to help bring clean drinking water to kids around the world.

I’ll be honest – before this, I had no idea that 4,500 kids die each day from not having clean water to drink – but WaterIsLife is trying to fix that, and that’s where ALL of today’s donations will go.

There’s no outlay to join in the festivities though. Just go to and get signed up – you’ll see all the info and who’s all involved on the page there. Let’s all lend moral support, and those of us who can help by making a donation certainly should – we sure will be! See you there!

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