Adsense Alive Blog Themes For WordPress Blogs Now Available To The Public…

Adsense Alive Blog Themes For WordPress Blogs Now Available To The Public…

Adsense blogging, or making money online by putting Google Adsense ads on your blog, is one of the most stable ways of making money on the Internet. It’s also one of the most fun ways to do it, if you’re using blogs to make money…

The reason it’s fun is that when blogging you can write about anything you like – so you can have a blog about pets, one about music, one about sports, etc, etc. And just by writing about topics you’re interested in, you could be making money online – without doing any selling at all!

How? By having targeted Adsense ads on your blog. You don’t have to get the ads – Google indexes your posts and then shows the ads for related products and services – and each time someone click through on one of those links, you make money!

Most of the ads you see on this blog are Adsense ads, for example… And if you look at the bottom of each page on that blog you’ll see this is an Adsense Alive blog theme – a package of blog themes I created for my own use, each with the Adsense ad code already in place. Makes it simple, eh?

Well now it can be just as simple for you – I’ve packaged up 30 of these themes into one bundle called the Adsense Alive Theme Pack.

Each of the themes already has all the Adsense codes embedded in it – you just change one file to make those YOUR Adsense ads. In fact, it’s so easy to change WordPress blog themes to one of the new Adsense Alive themes and edit that one file, I’ve added a 3-minute how-to video right to the salespage showing you step-by-step how to do it! Included with the bundle is another bonus video showing how to install any WordPress blog securely using any host that offers cPanel, such as our favorite,

Start turning YOUR hobbies into revenue streams today – start making money online using Google Adsense and the Adsense Alive Theme Pack!

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AdSense Ad Formats

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Google AdSense – Which Format Works Best?

There are many, many questions floating around the web about Google AdSense. Top on that list is, perhaps, which ad format works the best. While it’s a very valid question, the question is probably impossible to answer. Why would I say that? Let’s take a look at this question a little closer and you’ll see why…

As with any method of advertising, there is no rubber-stamp solution. And that goes for AdSense ads, too. No two websites are exactly the same, just as no two brick-and-mortar companies are the same, therefore, no single advertisement is the solution to their needs. AdSense ad formats are different to meet the needs of individual websites.

While the largest ad may be perfect for Site X, the smallest may be just the answer for Site Y. This may not be the answer you were hoping for, but it’s simply true. So how do you know which ad format is right for your site? There are a couple things you can do.

First, you can try one ad at a time and track the results. After a given period of time you can change to another format; larger or smaller, whatever the case may be. Then run that ad format for the same period of time and compare your results to see which performed better and then go with it.

Another method you can use is two different ad formats at the same time. Run them for a reasonable period of time and then compare their performance to see which of the two ads had the best results. You’ll then know which format is best for your site.

One thing to remember when choosing your ad formats. What works well now may not always work well. If your clicks start stagnating, you’ll want to try changing ad formats to see if there isn’t another format that may perform better for you in the future.

For optimum testing, put 4 AdSense ads on each of your article/blog pages, and use the stats provided by Google or to track which ad blocks are getting the highest clickthroughs – and which clickthroughs are generating the highest paying clicks for you. Over time, adjust each of the four until you have achieved the highest possible clickthroughs at the highest possible payouts. Don’t be afraid to move them around on your page and change the layout some to see if that increases your earnings, but track it carefully and be prepared to move them back if you see your payouts dropping.

Most importantly, get the Google AdSense ads to work earning you money today!

Doug Champigny is a world-famous Internet marketer, super-affiliate, power blogger and mentor, and the author of the popular e-book Making Sense Of AdSense. You can also download his free mini-report on Google AdSense Here.

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