PLR Success – The 4 PLR Success Steps Revealed!

PLR Success – The 4 PLR Success Steps Revealed!

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When it comes to selling new PLR products (Products that come with Private Label Rights), for most Internet marketers the first names that pop into their minds are those of the three PLR Masters – Doug Champigny, Aurelius Tjin and Edmund Loh. One reason is that all 3 of us release new first-quality PLR products on a regular basis. More importantly though, we know the four steps to PLR success online. The four steps I’m about to reveal to you will always help to ensure successful PLR sales events. Follow these Four PLR Success Steps and you’ll soon have a loyal following for your private label rights sales events too!

PLR Success Step One: Always Offer 1st-Quality PLR Products!

First, make sure your PLR products are first rate – no one wants old or poor-quality products, even in a PLR package they’re going to rewrite anyway. The better the inital quality, the better the final result once people convert PLR to original products to make money online.

PLR Success Step Two: Time Your PLR Sale In ADVANCE of the big selling season!

Second, if the PLR products are of a time-sentive nature, such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Summer Activities, etc., make sure your PLR sales event starts at least 6 weeks earlier than that season begins. For example, the Merry Christmas PLR bundle came out in time for people to spend 2 or 3 weeks converting the 4 great PLR products, the PLR graphics, the salespages and the download pages and still get all four products, and the bonus e-book with Master Resell Rights, on to their own sites before the Christmas frenzy starts around the middle to end of November.

Remember, the general Internet population is your customers’ target market - not yours. Your target market for PLR products is the marketers who will modify the PLR into their own version and put it online, so you have to get the materials into their hands in plenty of time for them to be ready for THEIR big season.

PLR Success Step Three: Offer PLR Products That Won’t Go Out Of Style!

Thirdly, when targeting a niche market with niche plr products, go for products that can be reused year after year. Unlike Internet marketing PLR or affiliate marketing PLR, niche materials don’t necessarily go out of fashion if you choose your niche targets cleverly.

An e-book about the best Christmas gifts for 2008, or about new technological gadgets for Christmas has a one-season lifespan. Not good, really… Yet look again at the Champigny Christmas PLR Pack – 250 Christmas Recipes, Christmas Crafts, An Old Fashion Christmas and the History Of An American Christmas – all four are subjects that will still appeal 5, ten or 20 YEARS down the road – meaning with a bit of work now, smart PLR marketers will be able to make money online with these products for years to come! The bonus e-book, even though it comes with Master Resell Rights instead of private label rights, is another prime example – a Christmas Fun Guide is another that won’t get outdated quickly!

PLR Success Step Four: Pricing Your PLR Products Intelligently!

And fourthly, use intelligent PLR pricing strategies. Don’t under-price your PLR – it’s easy to forget sometimes that selling private label rights to digital downloads is the most valuable form of products to sell to Internet marketers. They get to make it their own product under their own name, without having to do all the research or pay the exorbitant fees most outsourcing incurs.

On the other hand, don’t overprice it either – not every marketer is going to like every product in the package if there’s more than one resource bundled together – and not every PLR product is going to fit their niche or their site’s specialization. As a general rule of thumb, price your bundle so your customer is in a profit situation after selling 3 copies of any one product in the bundle. Since most e-books go for around $27, keep your bundle to around $50 or less unless it’s a huge bundle. The Champigny Christmas PLR Pack is about as big as I’d suggest you go for less than $50, though – any bigger and I’d suggest you go in the $79 – $97 range. Keep it under $100 unless you’re adding PLR videos and/or PLR audios to the mix as well.

If you follow these Four PLR Success Steps and release new first-rate PLR products on a regular basis, no doubt YOUR name will soon be included in the exclusive PLR Masters circle soon too! Or if you just buy PLR to create your own unique products from to make money online, keep these four criteria in mind when buying PLR bundles – if they don’t match up, don’t pick them up!

To your success with Private Label Rights & PLR sales

PLR Master Doug Champigny.

About The Author: Doug Champigny is a recognized PLR Master with extensive experience in Private Label Rights. He is the author of the e-books Becoming A PLR Pro & Mining Private Label Rights Gold, owner of the Niche PLR and Easy Articles Pro PLR membership sites, creator of the PLR Tutorial Videos, publisher of the PLR For Newbies videos and author of the Private Label Rights Blog. You can download 50 PLR articles for free when you enroll in his PLR Masters Course, download his Free Report PLR Explained!, and be sure to get on the announcement list for his famous semi-annual FreePLR Giveaway!

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PLR Profit Tactic

The Winning PLR Profit Tactic…

© Edmund Loh. All Rights Reserved.

Tired of engaging in a price war with 499 other resellers who also own the Private Label Rights to the same products as you do? Think you cannot make a comfortable living from selling Private Label digital products that are readily free and everywhere? Discouraged from making a profit from Private Label Rights?

You owe it to yourself to read this article!

I have been in the Private Label Rights (or PLR in short) business for the last 2 years. And my friend, that is almost as new as Private Label Rights came about in the Internet Marketing industry. So I can certainly relate to how you feel, which is why I hope that through this article, I can help expand your thinking horizon.

Now believe it or not, profiting from Private Label Content is nowhere near as hard as you think it is. As a matter of fact, it is SIMPLE. ‘And how simple?’ you ask. Well, almost as simple as ‘be unique’. It is two simple but powerful words that can enable you to unlock your riches in Private Label Content.

Would it surprise you that some of the top Internet Marketers you and I know of today are actually just ordinary people doing things differently and are enjoying extraordinary results?

That’s correct. And I want you to subscribe to the same school of thought these folks are doing exactly right now: do what others won’t do so you get what others won’t get!

Okay, so how does that apply when it comes to profiting from Private Label Rights?

For example, if the Private Label Content is readily available in E-Book format, you can spawn a series of short reports from the same material. And if you can create, say, 10 short reports, from a thick PLR E-Book, and charge $10.00 per pop, you have 10 instant products instead of 1, thus ten-folding your income potential! While other resellers are fighting a bloody price war (some lives lost, maybe?), you catapult yourself out of the crowded battle and have the rest of the marketplace to yourself to profit from!

And what if the Private Label Content is a barrage of articles? Well, you can compile your own ‘Big Book’ and sell at $37.00 – $47.00 per pop! Plus, consider other options such as starting your own paid E-Course, audio session, membership site content, and so many more.

Remember: a lot of people are generally lazy and usually take the easy way out. Ways as easy as reselling Private Label Content as they are in spite of the abundance of editing privileges.

But as long as you put a ‘little’ extra effort in becoming unique and adding value, you place yourself on top of the rest of the crowd by default. Take my word for it, because I use this winning PLR profit tactic for a living!

Edmund Loh is a renowned master and expert in the Resell Rights and Private Label Rights domain, and has worked together with many Internet Marketers from around the world in multiple online projects. You can pick up your own copy of ‘Resell Rights Crisis Solved!’ (a $47.00 value) for free and discover even more cutting-edge, profit-pulling Resell Rights and Private Label Rights strategies at
Edmund Loh’s Website.

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