Did Social Media Make – And Then Break – The Obama Government?

Did Social Media Make – And Then Break – The Obama Government?

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In the 2008 US presidential election campaign, Barack Obama did what no US president had ever done before – he harnessed the power of the online high profile social media to reach out to Americans. As a result, Obama raised a fortune in campaign funding from those who saw it as the first time they’d ever had direct contact with a politician on that level, the first one who truly seemed to care, to be accessible and to listen. A lot of those social media users also went out and voted for him, many of whom had never bothered to vote before.

Yet shortly after the election, grumbles emerged around the Internet about the fact that the new president no longer responded, was no longer regularly updating his social media contacts, and was seen as having deserted his following once he attained power. Fast forward two years to the 2010 mid-term election and Obama was frequently mentioning that the governing party would be fine if everyone who voted in 2008 did so again in 2010.

There was not, however, any concentrated effort to re-establish his social media profiles, to connect with those same voters in the manner that had worked so well two years previously, or even by the party or the other candidates to take their message to the online masses in any concentrated, coherent fashion. Was this in turn the reason, or a large part of the reason, that they lost control of the House of Representatives and had their majority in the Senate reduced?

Obviously political pundits and opposition supporters will say no, it was the policies and actions or lack thereof – but that is skirting the issue under discussion here. I’m not discussing political beliefs or either party’s stand in the election, but instead the mechanics of running an election campaign vis-a-vis the huge and growing online population. FaceBook alone has more members than the entire population of the United States, while other sites like MySpace, Twitter, Google Buzz, Yahoo, AOL, Squidoo, etc. each have millions, tens of millions or hundreds of millions of members.

Traditional media like newspapers, magazines and radio networks and printed materials were the prime focus of the billions of dollars spent on this election, yet none has the reach of the online social media sites – sites that were so under-utilized in the campaigns as to be able to say they were all but ignored.
And having watched political commentary in the US, Canada and the UK following the election results, not one commentator even mentioned this lack even though many had commented on Obama’s use of the sites during his successful campaign 2 years ago. I shouldn’t be surprised though – traditional media has been so slow to ‘get’ the power of the Internet that the only comprehensive live coverage of voting night I could find online stemmed from the BBC.com site in the UK.

For every political reason the media quotes as to why things turned out as they did, I’m sure the spin doctors have a counter-point; such is the nature of all politics everywhere. Yet where was that rebuttal for the massive online social media audience? I don’t think it was political arrogance that caused this breakdown – I think instead that the candidates, their handlers, the campaign managers and the backroom rainmakers aren’t aware of the force that can be mustered from such a large, articulate and caring group – there has never been so large a group in constant contact, no so effective and inexpensive a way to reach out to them.

And while this week’s election showed that to be bad news for the current government, it also illustrates the huge potential for experienced Internet marketers, niche marketers, social networking and social media marketers. Like movie stars, pro sports figures, rock stars, corporate CEO’s and all other celebrities, mainstream politicians NEED high profile social media experts to design and manage their high profile social networking for them – and no one knows it better than those of us working online everyday! After all, how many thousands of PR and public relations people were paid small fortunes during this campaign – and how many made effective use of FaceBook or Twitter? How many even KNOW what Squidoo, Technorati, MyBlogLog or LinkedIn even are?

If you intend to be involved in any future election (municipal, regional, state/provincial/departmental or national) as a candidate or supporter, I suggest you download and read High Profile Social Media and get started on building your social media network today. And with FaceBook being the leading cornerstone to social networking, you’d be wise to watch the Social Networking Explosion videos as well. And perhaps that’s another lesson that needs to be learned – both products together cost less than $20, yet could potentially have made a major impact on some politician’s careers.

Obviously it’s well past time for ANY public or high-profile business figure to realize the power of the online audience – and to realize that one ignores social media and social networking at one’s own expense! Either become a high profile social media expert yourself or hire an online marketer to either advise you on it or set up your social network – or those who do will end up leaving you in the dust. After all, candidates in this election found that even spending over $150 million dollars on an old-style campaign doesn’t guarantee success…

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Building Opt-In Lists – How to Create a Great Opt-In Page

Building Opt-In Lists – How to Create a Great Opt-In Page

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The cornerstone of building an opt-in list is your opt-in page; whether you’re driving huge volumes of traffic to it or just learning how to build traffic, learning how to create a great opt-in page will increase your conversions and ensure you get as many targeted subscribers as possible from your traffic levels.

To learn how to create a great opt-in page, first start with the basics that apply to every niche. A great opt-in page will have a powerful headline, a call to action, information on the e-zine itself, the free signup incentive or both, some sort of graphic or video representation and, of course, the opt-in form itself.

The page must look professional – while fancy graphics or astounding video aren’t necessary, it IS necessary that the page be clean, business-like and present the information in a clear and concise manner. There needs to be a logical flow, through both the visual presentation and the flow of the copy, that leads the prospect to the form and a call to action to get them to sign up now.

No time to write reports or build Opt-in pages? Not familiar with the necessary graphics and HTML to build squeeze pages yet? No problem – here are some professional squeeze pages, reports & graphics with PLR rights!

Use that frame of reference for every opt-in page you build – but that’s just the first step in learning how to create a great opt-in page. Next you have to find the perfect presentation for both the style of gift and ezine you’re offering and the niche they’re in – in other words, what exactly would your targeted prospects need to see to add themselves to your email list through your opt-in page?

For example, in some niches a video-based opt-in page works best, in some a great opt-in page has numerous photos and/or graphics, while other niches respond best to clean copy simply bearing a headline, a few bullet points and the signup form. So how to create a great opt-in page varies then, and only testing and tweaking will show you the right path for you in that particular niche with that particular opt-in offer.

Start with one page in each of those three styles, and rotate your traffic between them. Once enough targeted traffic has hit each page to make comparisons reliable, see which of the 3 formats has performed best for you. Now make three versions of just that one format with changes to the headline, body copy or graphics, and the placement of the form. Again, after enough traffic has been through to give statistically-viable results, see which headline, body copy and form placement combination is working best for you.

The winner a that point is probably the best one for you to use, although you can do further tweaks and testing if you like. Now use that format for your other squeeze pages in that same niche and you should continue to see high conversion rates from the traffic you’re generating as long as it’s targeted traffic in the first place.

Once your testing and tweaking is done and you’ve figured out how to create a great opt-in page for that niche, building your subscriber bases faster and faster is just a matter of driving more and more targeted traffic to it – a skill you should focus on improving anyway.


Marketing mentor and speaker Doug Champigny is a world-famous online marketer with a major online presence who often appears live onstage at marketing seminars, conferences, conventions and workshops around North America. With more than 35 years of online and offline marketing experience, Doug Champigny is uniquely qualified to teach you how to succeed in online marketing through his Internet Marketing Coaching and his Affiliate Marketing Coaching programs. Doug created both of these programs himself through his PowerStart Marketing division, and gives his students direct access to him and his vast wealth of marketing knowledge both during their course and afterwards. Give your marketing the PowerStart it needs today – enroll now!


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Affiliate Marketing – The Benefits Of Guest Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate Marketing – The Benefits Of Guest Affiliate Blogging

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Affiliate marketing blogs are an accepted and proven-effective means of building your affiliate commissions, and as such you’re probably already using affiliate marketing blogs in your online marketing mix. But have you considered the advantages of ‘guest affiliate blogging’?

Guest blogging isn’t new in the big-league blogging circles, but few affiliates have realized the advantages they can derive from including guest blogging in their affiliate marketing mix.

Put simply, guest blogging is writing articles for other bloggers to use as posts on their blogs. Your articles may already be appearing on other people’s blogs through article directories, but this is much more direct and much more targeted.

Chances are you already have a list of blogs you follow in your niche, some of which you probably comment on regularly to get the backlinks. Go to each of those blogs and look for the contact information for the site owner – if it’s not there, do a ‘whois’ search for the owner of the domain – on most private sites the owner and the blog author will be one and the same.

Write them a simple e-mail explaining who you are and asking them if they would be interested in receiving the occasional guest post from you for their blog. Offer to send them a sample if they’d be interested in checking out the quality of your writing, and give them the link to your own blog as a further example.

If they respond positively, do not try to push an affiliate product or link in the post; make it an information-packed article that will draw traffic to that blog post. Target one of your keywords exactly as you would if you were writing for your own blog, but keep it in the third person instead of using the first-person familiarities you might use on your own signature blog. In other words, stick to the same high standards you’d need to adhere to if you were writing an article for the biggest article directories.

Include a summary paragraph at the bottom of the article, and link back to your own blog and one of your squeeze pages if the site owner will allow you two links. If they limit you to one, then make it a link to your blog’s homepage or one of your posts that relates to the article you’re submitting. As always, be sure you use your targeted keyword in your anchor text as an aid to your SEO rankings.

Guest affiliate blogging lets you get your name and information in front of a wider audience of targeted prospects, helps to establish you as an expert in your field, and garners additional backlinks to your own blogs and squeeze pages. And if you’ve produced a well-crafted blog post that helps the blog owner attract more targeted traffic, you’ve most likely made a new online friend that may well be a powerful joint venture partner down the road. Don’t forget to reciprocate – invite that blogger to guest post on your blog as well!


If you’re ready to start guest affiliate blogging, consider submitting a post or two to the Marketing BlogZine, created specifically for marketers to help them showcase their writing and build targeted backlinks to their sites. If it’s more information on affiliate marketing that you’re looking for, then stop by the affiliate marketing training blog. Both sites are owned and operated by marketing mentor and speaker Doug Champigny as part of his virtual online empire designed to help new, intermediate and advanced marketers reach the next level online. Watch for Doug Champigny speaking at a live event in your area soon!


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Building Opt-In Lists – How To Become An Online Email Marketer

Building Opt-In Lists – How To Become An Online Email Marketer

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Promoting an offline business? Then you should consider becoming an online email marketer. There is no more powerful way to promote your offline business online than with email based marketing, in part because few if any of your offline competitors will know they should become an online email marketer too!

Email based marketing can be defined as building opt-in list of targeted prospects, then using email newsletter software to brand your company, your services and your products by sending your business ezine to those targeted leads. Whether your company is currently selling locally, regionally, nationally or internationally you can raise your profile in your industry and increase sales by learning the ins-and-outs of being an online email marketer.

To get started with email based marketing, it’s best to think of it as optin marketing – you need to focus first on what would get your best prospects to optin to your email marketing. Since most people come online looking for information on a particular subject, study your target market’s demographics and discern what information they’d be most likely to search for online. Then write a series of free reports that would give them the information they’re looking for, being sure to title each so that it’s obvious what information is available in that report.

Next, you’ll need a service to register your email marketing addresses as prospects opt in, and to let you send email broadcasts to those email marketing addresses. For business ezine marketing with email, best to use a professional autoresponder service to handle all of that. Once you have your account, you simply log into the site, set up a new autoresponder and put in a welcoming e-mail that includes the report as an attachment. Your account will come with an e-mail address for those subscribing and also a form generator. If you have a company website or blog, generate an optin form and put it on your site along with information about their free report.

If you don’t have a site, you can use articles, podcasts, videos, social networking and social media sites to get the word out, each time giving them the link they can use to e-mail their optin to your autoresponder and get their free report. This is true email based marketing, since it doesn’t require you to have a site or blog to get started with your email newsletter. And don’t forget to let your offline customers and visitors know that you have that free report available too – collecting their email marketing addresses can help you retain and upsell existing customers and create new customers from your offline visitors who may not have been ready to buy when they visited your company.

Becoming an email marketer through email based marketing can really help boost your company’s bottom line, and your business ezine can easily become the base for a future website or blog to help both your offline business volume and your marketing with email. And if you do well enough as an email marketer, you may just decide to branch into email affiliate marketing in your own niche or a related field – after all, everyone can use a few new income streams, and email affiliate marketing will come naturally to you once you’ve established yourself as an online email marketer!


Marketing mentor and speaker Doug Champigny is a world-famous marketer with a major online presence who often appears live onstage at marketing seminars, conferences, conventions and workshops around North America. With more than 35 years of online and offline marketing experience, Doug Champigny is uniquely qualified to teach you how to succeed in online marketing through his Internet Marketing Coaching and his Affiliate Marketing Coaching programs. Doug created both of these programs himself through his PowerStart Marketing division, and gives his students direct access to him and his vast wealth of marketing knowledge both during their course and afterwards. Give your marketing the PowerStart it needs today – enroll now!


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Money-Making Blog Or Corporate Web Site – Marketing Tips For Offline Businesses

Money-Making Blog Or Corporate Web Site – Marketing Tips For Offline Businesses

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One of the most common critical errors small offline businesses make when approaching online marketing is wanting to have a fancy, flashy web site like the big corporate sites they’ve seen online. But what they don’t realize is that the big companies all use advertising agencies, and part of the advertising agencies marketing strategy is to use corporate sites strictly for Internet branding.

Internet branding can do wonders for a corporation’s image – a big beautiful site using the latest technologies really does impact a consumer’s view of the company. But don’t mistake these sites as sales vehicles – there’s no call to action, no sales copy in most cases – and when was the last time you saw a Fortune 400 company come up on the first page of results at Google, Yahoo or Bing?

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These Internet branding sites, often costing a million dollars or more to build and operate, are just one part of advertising agencies marketing mixes – they’re not designed to drive traffic or make sales. That part is left to other areas of the mix, like TV, radio, print ads in newspapers and magazines and even adding the URL to product labels.

As a small business owner, however, you can’t compete on that scale due to budget – but you shouldn’t be trying to copy them online anyway! Think about your goals online:

* To reach a wider market
* To increase your market share in your existing market
* To sell more of your products and services
* To increase your bottom line profits

In order to accomplish those 4 goals while keeping your financial and time investments under control, take a page from the full-time professional Internet marketers. Familiar with all of the new marketing strategies online, in the majority of cases they now opt for business blog marketing over static web sites.

Free blog marketing is easy to set up, costs almost nothing to host and is designed for the best possible search engine optimization with the least fuss. A small business marketing blog can be updated in real time by anyone on your staff – or you yourself – as simply as typing a letter. No waiting for advertising agencies to make each update, and no large bills for their time and efforts, either!

Best of all, using any of the great blog tutorials on marketing using blogs, you can set up your first blog in under an hour – for an offline small business it’s easy to see that blogs and marketing should go hand in hand once you decide on your blog strategy. There really is no doubt that using blogs for marketing is the premiere choice given today’s state of the Internet.

Of all the new marketing strategies emerging from the World Wide Web, it’s easy to see that business blog marketing should be the first technique added to your small business marketing strategy development – after all, what other medium costs so little to develop and has a growing audience for your sales message every day?


PowerStart Marketing Mentor Doug Champigny

Marketing mentor, coach and speaker Doug Champigny has been teaching companies new marketing strategies since the 1970′s, having owned and operated his own retail advertising agency before transferring to marketing online full-time since 1996. A recognized expert in how to market a product online or offline and master of these new marketing strategies, Doug Champigny is the creator of the PowerStart Marketing coaching program at http://www.PowerStart2010.com and the Affiliate Marketing PowerStart coaching program at http://www.affiliate-marketing-powerstart.info and is occasionally available for private 1-on-1 consultations and mentoring as well. Doug is a regular speaker at many of the live marketing events and conventions around North America – watch for him speaking live onstage in your area soon!

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Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Coaching Programs

So far 2010 has been a big year for us, most notably for the launch of our PowerStart coaching programs. After years of providing only high-end private coaching to advanced online marketers, we decided to offer Internet marketing coaching and affiliate marketing coaching programs to new and mid-level marketers as well – programs that would be open to the public as opposed to our earlier ones.

I used my speaking gig at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Super Stars Conference to announce the programs to the marketing community and immediately filled the first session for our 4-week crash course in Internet marketing. This high-intensity hands-on course includes weekly live webinars and over 1.5 gigs of training videos created for, and available only through, the PowerStart Internet Marketing coaching program.

Since then, the course has run each month for the past 3 months with fantastic feedback from our coaching students, as you can see from the video testimonials they’ve sent us. Most didn’t believe they could accomplish so much online in just 4 weeks, but happily they’re all believers now!

Then at the start of this month (April 2010) we launched our affiliate marketing mentoring program using the same format but over 8 weeks instead of four, with live webinars every two weeks and a workbook and training videos for step-by-step guidance through the two weeks between each webinar. While we’re just reaching the mid-point of the first 8-week session, the early feedback from our Affiliate Marketing PowerStart coaching program indicates this program will be just as well received as our Internet marketing coaching has been.

As the year rolls on we’ll be adding to the courses offered, including live coaching and/or home-study courses in search engine optimization, traffic generation strategies, opt-in list building, content creation and more, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those as they’re released! Additionally, if you’re in the Philadelphia, PA area I’ll be speaking at JVAlert in mid-May and also at the Niche Affiliate Marketing Seminar (NAMS) in Atlanta Georgia in August – please come up and introduce yourself if you’re at either event!

In the meantime I suggest you give serious consideration to enrolling in either the Internet Marketing coaching program or the Affiliate Marketing coaching program – I’d love to help you make 2010 the year you turn it all around and get on track for your own dream lifestyle!

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The Number-One Way To Make Money Online

The Number-One Way To Make Money Online

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Travelling around North America speaking at Internet marketing and affiliate marketing seminars and conferences, the most common question I’m asked is ‘What’s the best way to make money online?’. It’s also one of the most common threads in forums, at social networking sites and throughout the blogosphere.

And after being online full-time for more than a dozen years, I’ve seen that question answered just about every way, except maybe the right way. While marketers talk about e-mail marketing, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, using resell rights, doing podcasts, video marketing, teleseminars, taking offline business online and the like, they’re missing the real point.

Yes, each of those is a way some people have made a lot of money online, and yes, they’ll continue to be good ways to build a work-at-home business. But there’s a common thread running through them all – a skill that truly is the key to making money online. Looking at that list, can you tell what it is?

To truly make money online, the really big money, with any of the above you have to be able to put your offers, products, services and/or affiliate links in front of a targeted audience. Just like a retailer in the offline world – if their store is in a small rural area there’s little chance they’ll have the sales of one in the big metropolitan areas.

So when you boil it all down to basics, the number one way to make money online is to learn how to drive traffic – targeted traffic – to your sites, your squeeze pages, your salespages, your blogs and your affiliate links. Targeted traffic just refers to people already interested in the areas you operate in, who are therefore more likely prospects for you than the general public. Untargeted traffic just chews up your bandwidth without adding to your bottom line, so learn how to target your traffic generation right from the start. It takes a lot of effort and continuous learning to become a traffic master, but those who have achieved that lofty status seem quite pleased that they put the time in to become experts.

Once you’ve mastered the skills involved in driving massive targeted traffic online, you can direct it any area of the business you choose to attack in your marketing campaigns. And best of all, most of the current methods to effectively drive visitors to sites are either free or low cost, like writing and submitting articles and press releases, authoring blogs, Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages and Google Knol, social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn and so many more.

So if you’re considering a work-at-home business using the Internet, a full-time career as an Internet marketer or affiliate marketer or even just promoting an offline business online, do what you can to learn the legitimate, professional techniques to drive targeted traffic to your offers – and keep learning as much as you can about it as your business grows!


About The Author:

Targeted traffic expert Doug Champigny is a well-known Internet marketing mentor, coach and speaker. For more on Doug, visit his Internet Marketing Blog. For more advice from Doug on driving targeted traffic, visit his Top Traffic Tips website.


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Free Traffic Teleseminar To Rock The Internet Marketing World!

Get ready for it – Willie Crawford and Doug Champigny, two of the best-known Internet marketing forces, are teaming up for a humdinger of an event – the Top Traffic Tips Simulcast!

This is a not-to-be-missed event – quite possibly the most important teleseminar you’ll attend all year… two Internet marketing big dogs sharing the secrets of 14 different ways they drive targeted traffic to their sites, salespages, affiliate links, squeeze pages, JVs etc. Think of how often you’ve heard of or seen the names Willie Crawford and Doug Champigny – now you can learn how to brand yourself and get your offers out there just like they do!

Here’s the thing – admission to the call or webinar is free – you just have to register. But the recording of the call and the transcript will only be available as a paid product. So register for the Top Traffic Tips Simulcast with Willie Crawford and Doug Champigny right now, to be sure you get your free access to this amazing event – there’s nowhere else, free or paid, where you’ll get two industry giants revealing the secrets to driving targeted traffic that makes them each over 6-figures a year, year in and year out!

No matter what niche you’re in or how much experience you do or don’t have online, if you’re trying to make money online or promote an offline business on the Internet, this information can be a big help – register now!

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Are You A Big Dog – Or Just Their Chew Toy?

Are You A Big Dog – Or Just Their Chew Toy?

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Internet marketing experts, often referred to as gurus or Big Dogs, are making a fortune online 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Thousands of Internet marketing newbies and those of the mid-levels aspire to be Internet Marketing Big Dogs, but most will never reach that level. I’m sorry to have to say that, but it’s true…

The hardest part to accept, though, is that most of the big dogs started out at the bottom of the Internet marketing heap and rose to the top – some in a matter of months, but most through a few years of intensive activity, labour and investment. Not always upfront investment, but actually re-investing a good chunk of their online profits to fuel more rapid growth.

So if, as Internet marketing Big Dogs, we’re no different than you, what makes the few rise to superstardom online and the bulk continue to be chew toys? There are a myriad of potential reasons, but here are a few of the biggest and most common reasons people fail to do well with Internet marketing…

  • Being indecisive & failing to ACT NOW – Inside every big dog is a hunting dog, always sniffing the air looking for that first-mover advantage. When any opportunity presents itself, they instantly analyze it – Does it look promising? Will the product or service help my people? Is it a needed or highly desirable item? Can I make money with this? (And yes, that’s the order of importance, too.) If it meets all their criteria, they instantly formulate their marketing strategy, decide which techniques to use to promote it, then choose their tactics and attack!
  • Not treating their Internet marketing as a professional business – Often people tell me they’ve been trying for years to make it in Internet marketing, buying every shiny new toy that comes along, but never achieving the success these products promise. But when I ask them how much time they spend on it, they tell me a lot – an hour or two almost every day… The reality is, marketers who are truly motivated will spend 4-6 hours a day at it AS WELL AS their doing their current full-time job – and 8-10 hours on the weekends!I know, I can already hear you say ‘but I have other stuff to do, family to spend time with, friends to bowl with or shoot pool with, girls/guys to date, movies to see, etc., etc.’ And that’s fine – only YOU can decide what your priorities are. I’m not discussing what’s right for you – this is about what it takes to build an Internet marketing business and craft your own dream lifestyle with the proceeds. Do I know Big Dogs that only work 3 or 4 hours a day? Sure – but not one who got to the upper echelons that way!
  • Not being discerning in whose advice they follow - Unless you want your Internet marketing success to take a lot more time, effort and money than it needs to, you have to find, follow and heed the advice from the proper mentor or mentors. Too many newbies, and even some pros, give credibility and Big Dog status to someone just because they’ve had a successful mega-launch or two. They don’t realize that some of today’s ‘Experts’ had the product ghostwritten by someone else and then hired a joint venture broker to get the big dogs to promote the product. I can think of at least two leading ‘affiliate marketing experts’ who got there that way, and I wouldn’t pay a cent for any of their training.Look for those people who have been at the top for a while with a variety of products, great value in their e-zines and on their blogs, and others testifying to how much that person has helped them.

    Their are a lot of us who meet those requirements, people like Marlon Sanders, Stephen Pierce, Ken McArthur, Jimmy D. Brown, Jim Daniels and Rosalind Gardner. All of us have been online for 10 or more years, and have been helping others as best we can for most of that time.Trying to follow the advice of too many coaches or mentors is just as deadly as picking the wrong ones. Each of us has their own style, and the track record to prove it works. But each does things differently, and trying to mix more than two or three of these styles will leave you spinning your wheels again. Sure – still read the info in their e-zines and on their blogs – learning has to be constantly ongoing in this biz. But focus your efforts mostly along the paths of the two or three mentors whose style fit you best.

  • Not focusing on what makes you successful - One thing about Big Dogs – they always keep their eye on the prize. It’s too easy to get all wrapped up in the latest gizmo, site or trend and neglect important ongoing duties. As a general guideline, make sure your time breaks down pretty close to 40% on building your opt-in lists (your long term weapons); 40% on promotional efforts like branding yourself and driving traffic to your squeeze pages, sites, salespages and affiliate links (your short, medium and long term weapons) and 20% for everything else. VERY few people in Internet marketing can claim to stick to those percentages regularly, but I’ve never met one who did and wasn’t constantly building their business and their income.
  • Not having set goals, or not keeping them in mind at all times - ‘I want to be rich’ is not a goal – it’s a wish. ‘I want to help others’ is not a goal – it’s a mission. ‘I want to retire early with tons of cash’ is not a goal – it’s a dream. To get your wishes, achieve your missions and live your dreams you need to plan out how to get there, and then map out the steps it will take to put you in that position. Those steps are your goals. If your dream is to help people, figure out where you need to be financially, emotionally and intellectually to be truly effective helping others – and decide how many you want to help. What steps will it take to get there?

    Do a ‘fuzzy’ 10-year plan to achieve it. Then refine that to a sharper image of where you have to be in 5 years to be on track. So where do you need to be 2 years from now? Set your first round of goals to achieving the results you need a year from now to be right on track for your 2 year, 5 year and 10-year plans. Your one-year program should be positive, distinct steps with concrete goals – exact dollar figures, precise lists of accomplishments, etc. Take those 1-year goals and focus on them til each is completed, then re-examine your plan, make any changes you want to to the long-term targets, and map out year 2. This system has worked for a lot of people in every facet of life, not just for Internet marketing.

As I said at the outset, there can be a myriad of other issues in your own particular case, but these are the most common. If you’re being honest with yourself, you can probably identify right off which of these five examples is true in your own case. So now the question becomes will you do what it takes to get back on track? Put in the focused energy to achieve Internet marketing stardom – or at least enough to fulfill your own personal wishes, missions and dreams? When someone asks you a year or two from now, how will you answer that big question:

Are you a Big Dog – or just their chew toy?

About the Author:
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Double-Barrelled Attack To Crush Your Twitter Marketing Competition

There’s no doubt about it now – Twitter is a powerful weapon in any online marketer’s arsenal – once they’ve learned the tricks and tips to use Twitter marketing properly without spending too much time on the site. And now two resources have launched that, when put together, provide all the training, step-by-step instruction and tools you need to really crank up your Twitter marketing to pro levels fast!

The most powerful Twitter marketing system to date!

First up is The Advanced Twitter Marketing System – the hottest Twitter marketing product released to date. Smashing through the myths, limitations and outright nonsense in other Twitter guides, Doug Champigny has put together a system of using free tools to build TARGETED followers fast, and then shown how to minimize the time needed to market to them while maximizing your optins & sales resulting from your Twitter marketing activities. Beta tests by newbies and pros alike has shown repeatedly that the system gets users hundreds of targeted followers within the first week, with most seeing optins and resultant sales within the first 7-10 days – all in an hour a day max!

Testimonials for the product abound, on the Advanced Twitter Marketing System salespage itself, on various blogs, on YouTube videos, etc. Currently it’s the highest-priced Twitter guide online, but Champigny makes no apologies, pointing to the results people have acheived with it and the 60-day money-back guarantee to protect any skeptics.

The second resource is from Mike Paetzold, and it’s the perfect compliment to go with the Advanced Twitter Marketing System. Paetzold’s new Twitter Time Saver is far more than the name implies, though it does save time by automating the procedures it recommends. In actual fact, Twitter Time Saver ties together content and tweets to provide niche marketers an automated way to become an authority in any niche amongst followers on Twitter.

Of and by itself that’s powerful, but lacks the direct-marketing prowress of the Advanced Twitter Marketing System. But putting the two together lets an online marketer dominate any area of expetise and make money marketing on Twitter practically right from the get-go! While each is justifiably proud of their new product, both Champigny & Paetzold agree the symbiosis of the two is more powerful than either on it’s own – and as a result, each is full of praise for the other’s product.

There’s simply no other way to put it – to max out your list-building and earning potential from marketing on Twitter, you need both: the targeted following built using the Advanced Twitter Marketing System and the niche authority-building of Twitter Time Saver – anything less, and you’re not making what you could through your Twitter marketing.

And we both know it’s a rookie’s mistake to leave money on the table when it could be in our pockets just as easily… ;-)

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