Adsense Alive Blog Themes For WordPress Blogs Now Available To The Public…

Adsense Alive Blog Themes For WordPress Blogs Now Available To The Public…

Adsense blogging, or making money online by putting Google Adsense ads on your blog, is one of the most stable ways of making money on the Internet. It’s also one of the most fun ways to do it, if you’re using blogs to make money…

The reason it’s fun is that when blogging you can write about anything you like – so you can have a blog about pets, one about music, one about sports, etc, etc. And just by writing about topics you’re interested in, you could be making money online – without doing any selling at all!

How? By having targeted Adsense ads on your blog. You don’t have to get the ads – Google indexes your posts and then shows the ads for related products and services – and each time someone click through on one of those links, you make money!

Most of the ads you see on this blog are Adsense ads, for example… And if you look at the bottom of each page on that blog you’ll see this is an Adsense Alive blog theme – a package of blog themes I created for my own use, each with the Adsense ad code already in place. Makes it simple, eh?

Well now it can be just as simple for you – I’ve packaged up 30 of these themes into one bundle called the Adsense Alive Theme Pack.

Each of the themes already has all the Adsense codes embedded in it – you just change one file to make those YOUR Adsense ads. In fact, it’s so easy to change WordPress blog themes to one of the new Adsense Alive themes and edit that one file, I’ve added a 3-minute how-to video right to the salespage showing you step-by-step how to do it! Included with the bundle is another bonus video showing how to install any WordPress blog securely using any host that offers cPanel, such as our favorite,

Start turning YOUR hobbies into revenue streams today – start making money online using Google Adsense and the Adsense Alive Theme Pack!

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Money-Making Blog Or Corporate Web Site – Marketing Tips For Offline Businesses

Money-Making Blog Or Corporate Web Site – Marketing Tips For Offline Businesses

©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

One of the most common critical errors small offline businesses make when approaching online marketing is wanting to have a fancy, flashy web site like the big corporate sites they’ve seen online. But what they don’t realize is that the big companies all use advertising agencies, and part of the advertising agencies marketing strategy is to use corporate sites strictly for Internet branding.

Internet branding can do wonders for a corporation’s image – a big beautiful site using the latest technologies really does impact a consumer’s view of the company. But don’t mistake these sites as sales vehicles – there’s no call to action, no sales copy in most cases – and when was the last time you saw a Fortune 400 company come up on the first page of results at Google, Yahoo or Bing?

To listen to an Audio Version of this Internet marketing article, click this arrow:

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These Internet branding sites, often costing a million dollars or more to build and operate, are just one part of advertising agencies marketing mixes – they’re not designed to drive traffic or make sales. That part is left to other areas of the mix, like TV, radio, print ads in newspapers and magazines and even adding the URL to product labels.

As a small business owner, however, you can’t compete on that scale due to budget – but you shouldn’t be trying to copy them online anyway! Think about your goals online:

* To reach a wider market
* To increase your market share in your existing market
* To sell more of your products and services
* To increase your bottom line profits

In order to accomplish those 4 goals while keeping your financial and time investments under control, take a page from the full-time professional Internet marketers. Familiar with all of the new marketing strategies online, in the majority of cases they now opt for business blog marketing over static web sites.

Free blog marketing is easy to set up, costs almost nothing to host and is designed for the best possible search engine optimization with the least fuss. A small business marketing blog can be updated in real time by anyone on your staff – or you yourself – as simply as typing a letter. No waiting for advertising agencies to make each update, and no large bills for their time and efforts, either!

Best of all, using any of the great blog tutorials on marketing using blogs, you can set up your first blog in under an hour – for an offline small business it’s easy to see that blogs and marketing should go hand in hand once you decide on your blog strategy. There really is no doubt that using blogs for marketing is the premiere choice given today’s state of the Internet.

Of all the new marketing strategies emerging from the World Wide Web, it’s easy to see that business blog marketing should be the first technique added to your small business marketing strategy development – after all, what other medium costs so little to develop and has a growing audience for your sales message every day?


PowerStart Marketing Mentor Doug Champigny

Marketing mentor, coach and speaker Doug Champigny has been teaching companies new marketing strategies since the 1970′s, having owned and operated his own retail advertising agency before transferring to marketing online full-time since 1996. A recognized expert in how to market a product online or offline and master of these new marketing strategies, Doug Champigny is the creator of the PowerStart Marketing coaching program at and the Affiliate Marketing PowerStart coaching program at and is occasionally available for private 1-on-1 consultations and mentoring as well. Doug is a regular speaker at many of the live marketing events and conventions around North America – watch for him speaking live onstage in your area soon!

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Blog Posts – The Best Of The Best From The Best

Top 10 Internet Marketing Blog Posts – The Best Of The Best From The Best

©2010 Tony Germana. All Rights Reserved Yorldwide.

The Top Ten Internet Marketing Blog Posts
By Tony Germana

Have you ever thought, “boy, would I love to get about 10 of these Gurus around my dining room table for coffee to pick their brains for a couple of hours?” I sure have.

I’m gonna save you the trouble of trying to get them all together. Through a lot of research, I’ve found what I consider to be some of the very best blog posts on Internet Marketing for 2009 and 2010. I call them the “Top 10″ and you’ll find them below They are posts that are brimming with top flight information, tips, and ideas. Pure gold for any serious Internet Marketer or wannabee. You’ll recognize some of the authors and some you won’t but they all deserve to be praised for the gems they’ve offered in their content! Don’t stop here, break out your pick ax and dig into this goldmine.

20 Must-Follow Blogs For Internet Marketing And Affiliate Marketing In 2010
By Doug Champigny

Guaranteed Internet Business Tips For High Conversion
By Evan Gould

How To Generate Sales Leads-21 Lead Generation Ideas You Can Execute Today
By Igor Kheifets

Starting A Free Online Business, Step by Step
By Lynn Terry

5 Success Tips Especially For “Newbie” Affiliates
By Robert Barry

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Internet Marketer?
By EJ Cooksey

The Road To Affiliate Marketing Success
By Tony Germana

How To Get (Free) Instant Website Traffic
By Stuart Stirling (a.k.a. “Stu Sensei”)

3 Ideal Business Models
By Jason Parker

3 Keys To Kick-Start Your Biz In 24 Hours
Posted by Jimmy D Brown

About the Author…

Tony Germana retired after nearly 4 decades of work in corporate America in the education and training business and is now a ‘full time’ Internet marketer and having a blast with it as well as making a real good income. After a very successful career in the brick and mortar world, it has been fun and challenging for Tony to learn to set up and run a business in this medium. Tony’s hobbies include the Internet, reading, RVing and fishing among other things. For more from Tony, visit his Marketer’s Profit Hub blog today!

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How Many Blogs Are Enough?

How Many Blogs Are Enough?

by Mike Paetzold – Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved

Over the last year or two, no since their inception Google has constantly been changing. The reason they were able to upset such existing monoliths like Yahoo and MSN was this constant change and improvement of their algorithm.

Change continues today and one of the big changes of late is what you find on the first page for a wide variety of terms.

Huge sites like which cover thousands of topics, have a high page rank and tons of incoming links are no longer sitting a top the search engine results for some terms. (They still rank quite highly.)

But more and more often there are relatively new, sometimes brand new sites, that are keyword specific that are sitting ahead of these behemoths. Most are blogs of one type or another. Google seems to have a love affair with blogs.

The tighter the focus of the blog the more likely Google is to love it. This has led to me adding blogs for each specific area of interest. For example if you are an internet marketer and blog about affiliate marketing, article marketing, private label rights products, list building and social media a single blog is probably not your best choice.

If you are in a broad niche where three years ago you could have a single blog with categories and sub-categories now you are more likely to rank better with very specific blogs. In the example above a blog for each of those topics.

More and more marketers are setting up and using topic specific blogs. They aren’t doing it because they like multiple blogs but are doing it because it works. Like Google or hate them as long as they are the 800 pound gorilla the best thing to do is to give them what they want.

Here is what I think Google wants. (I say think on purpose because I do not spend hours scouring their latest patents and trying to figure out their latest algorithm. I just observe what they serve me each time I am searching for anything.) The key is to set up your blog properly. Create some quality content (pillar posts) and build a few links to your new site.

You can enhance that easily by repurposing that content.

  • Submit to the article directories
  • Add an audio version and submit to the podcast directories
  • Convert the content into a video that can be submitted to the various video sharing sites.

The repurposing will allow you to quickly generate backlinks. These back links will allow you to have enough gravity that your blog traffic will start quickly.


About The Author:
Mike Paetzold got started blogging in 2003 and has become an expert on using WordPress. He has become known as The WordPress Guy. For a step by step plan to get a new blog ranking and traffic check out the Sunday Night Cash Plan.


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Not Making Money Blogging? Download This Free Blogging Blueprint!

Already Blogging? Why Not Making Money Blogging?

Have you ever thought about starting your own blogging site to make money? Many people do think of this, but not a lot actually act upon the thought. Blogging is fast becoming a profitable way to make extra money. In fact, many successful bloggers make a profit well into the six figures.

Being successful at making money blogging will depend foremost on your desire, determination and work ethic. Only those that are dedicated and hardworking are successful. Other areas that will be essential to your success will be researching and choosing a niche that is in high demand, yet has little competition. If you chose a niche for your blog that has little competition, yet the information is in high demand you will certainly increase your chance for quick profitability.

Setting up your blog in a marketable way will also be important. There are a number of ways to get your site up and running, and you will need to look at the advantages of each one. Of course, learning to market yourself and your blog will be the most important ingredient to your profitability. You must be able to get the word out and to draw customers to your site in order to turn a profit. Although this may sound daunting, given the right tools you can very easily be successful.

If you are now thinking, wow blogging for profit really could be for me, you will certainly want to download this free report Make Money Blogging. It discusses everything you will need to know on how to get started with your blog. The report goes into detail and gives step by step instructions on how to research your niche, set up your blog site and to market yourself to be profitable. So don’t wait any longer. Download this free report today and get started on your money making adventure.

Click Here To Download Your Free Blogging Blueprint!

About The Author:

Today’s guest post was provided by Clickbank Pirate,
the easiest way to make money on Clickbank through
affiliate marketing. Get more info about Clickbank Pirate here.

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Serious About Blogging? Get Expert WordPress!

Expert WordPress – For Serious Bloggers! ©2008 Alex Sysoef. All Rights Reserved.

Now you can create a blog with simplicity never available before and be able to do what you always wanted to – share good content and get paid for doing so!

Expert WordPress is a result of knowledge and experience I have blended together and based on information I have as an Internet Marketer, webmaster and pro-blogger. Every question asked on this blog, every problem presented and shared by my reader was considered and often materialized as one of the video tutorials. And there is infinitely more!

But first – What Is Expert WordPress?

Expert WordPress is a complete blog in a box product that provides several highly effective plugins, custom theme (separately on this one later) and a proprietary script that make entire install and configuration process a snap!

Just watch the video below.

What makes the Expert WordPress system unique?

  • Simplicity and hands off on technical details while giving all the options easily accessible were built from the ground up. It is not easy to answer everyone’s request but based on poll previously conducted on this blog and still available in sidebar – majority of the people seen Theme Customization and locating good theme as major issue. Similar experience shared by customers as well.
  • Expert WordPress comes with a custom theme that is loosely based on “Unnamed” but with all the unneeded extras removed, Search Engine Optimized and additional monetization options integrated. It provides a simple way for you to upload a new header (26 professionally designed niche headers provided with EWP) , change layout with one click and change a text colors, background etc without ANY need for technical knowledge. Just click and choose from simple interface. Although the system designed to work with this theme – you are not limited to it! Nothing is hardcoded and you can use any theme you choose.
  • Set of plugins fully tested to be compatible and not resource hog. One of the biggest issues with WordPress is load speed. As we add plugins – that speed can dramatically decrease and sometimes even kill your hosting account. Overusing resources can lead to an account ban quite easy on shared hosting. What provided as part of package are plugins you need to have for maximum interactivity and yet designed in “shared hosting friendly” way. You can obviously add more as it is your blog!
  • 2 Levels of membership are designed with direct understanding that great many bloggers, while love the simplicity – might not have the money right now! Or perhaps already know all they need to know and simply need the blog installer package. Gold Level covers that need at ONLY $27! It comes with all the professional headers, several videos you need to have and a lot more. In fact this price is a LOT less than most charge for custom install, according to a poll recently run in Weblog Tools. And it comes with a lot more than just install…

Just see the video below.

  • And for those of you who need to learn a bit more, or perhaps simply need the extra boost to your existing effort – Platinum membership is the Ticket! It holds the premium price (which is still a lot lower than any asked by competition) but for the action takes it will be made available ONCE at great discount. Only on your first login you will get a chance to save, so pay attention as we will not listen to any excuses later, sorry. See video on what you get as part of this membership.

And for people on the go… Each video tutorial that is part of Expert WordPress comes also with an MP3 file of the audio narration and high quality iPod movie. You have multiple choices to learn at your own pace.

What About Existing Customers?

I’m committed to my customers and will provide a special deal but only if you currently own the Web 2.0 Wealth System. It will not be made available to anyone else. So, please stay tuned and more info will be provided.

Should You Buy Expert WordPress?

I can’t answer this question for you. You will have to decide on what is right for you but I certainly hope to see you on the inside! Expert WordPress is my answer to many questions and problems experienced by you and other readers and customers and designed to make you the Expert WordPress blogger. It is time you earn your share!

Buy Expert WordPress by clicking on image below

expert wordpress

expert wordpress

Alex Sysoef is a well-known Internet marketer and world-famous professional blogger. He is the creator of the Expert WordPress and Expert WordPress Platinum software and training system being heralded by new bloggers and seaoned pros alike. Be sure to stop by his How-To Spot-Er blog – it’ll rapidly become one of your favorite stops if you’re serious about making money online with blogs!

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Podcasting & Video Blogging (Vlogging)

“Podcasting & Vlogging, or Video Blogging:
2 Innovative New Technologies Let You
Harness The Power Of The Stars To
Create Content, Increase Traffic,
Sell More Products & Make More
Money Online!”

©2008 Doug Champigny. All rights reserved.

A new song by your favorite artist is played on the radio for the first time, and you recognize their voice instantly. Because you like their previous releases, you know you’ll pick up this new release too… A TV commerical runs on your local station, and you immediately realize the spokesmodel is an actor who’s on your favorite show. That recognition and ‘connection’ to this person influences your decision to try this product – if THEY suggest you use it, it can’t be that bad, can it?

And so it goes in modern society around the world – mass media has shaped our societies to the extent that recognizable celebrities wield enormous marketing power over their fans – influence that large corporations pay a fortune to harness and direct each year.

And now, through the power of amazing new Internet technologies, you can use those same tactics to brand YOU a star, to build YOUR brand awareness, to drive traffic to YOUR websites and affiliate links and make more profit online as a result… How do you achieve this celebrity status and become instantly recognized by voice or your image? Become the trusted voice that leads the masses to buy?

Podcasting & Video Blogging!

When you add podcasting and vlogging to your marketing mix, you begin to harness that star power, to brand your voice and image and to build a foolowing that can give rise to an almost ‘cult’ following. Broadcasting your voice and image around the world over the Internet gives you a much larger potential audience than any television station has – and the delivery of broadcasts to cell phones, PDA’s and other handheld devices increases that audience even more!

Radio & TV stations pay millions to set up their facilities and get their broadcast out to the masses… But if you’re reading this, chances are you only need one or two inexpensive software additions to be able to start broadcast right now – today! You don’t even need website hosting – these technologies use the power of blogs (which you can get free through Blogger or WordPress) and podcast and video directories online like iTunes and YouTube, which will host your broadcasts for you for free as well!

But how do you know what you need, or how to get started?

See the info here about ‘It’s You… Live! Podcasting & Vlogging Your Way To Success!‘. Payment button will not be active until Oct 20th.

If you’re reading this before Oct 20th, download it from The FreePLR Giveaway!

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Web 2.0 Targeted Traffic From PLR Products

Web 2.0 Targeted Traffic From PLR Products

©2008 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Once in a while a great PLR package comes available, like the one that Aurelius Tjin released this morning at This package is a perfect example of Private Label Rights packages that can be used to generate targeted traffic from Web 2.0 sites without much effort, and still be used to make money online – and lots of it!

First up, there are only 100 non-transferrable PLR copies ever to be made available – and that scarcity helps your SEO efforts, your targeted traffic generation, and your sales. With so few people able to compete with you on this product, it’s much easier to get the upper hand than it is with most Master Resell Rights products – and since you have Private label rights to the package, you’re branding yourself heavily with it, which can then boost your other targeted traffic generation efforts by adding the power of name recognition.

But the real key here is that you’re getting both the PLR e-book AND the PLR audio e-book…

As always, start by revising, editing and branding the e-book – if you’re not up to speed yet on using PLR e-books, download my PLR Tutorial Videos and simply follow along with the step-by-step do-it-yourself video lessons. Edit the graphics and salespage (also covered in the videos), and get them ready to go online.

Next, create an upsell page to go between the salespage and the payment processor, where you offer the audio e-book as well for $10 or $20 more – give them both options, the e-book alone or the e-book and audio e-book. Create the two download pages, add it to your affiliate program if you’re using, hook up your payment buttons and take the site live.

Now it’s time to drive targeted traffic to it from the Web 2.0 sites and technologies. Always start by doing a blog post announcing the new product, and then ping the blog directories – especially Technorati . Give it a couple of moments, then make sure it’s also showing up in your MyBlogLog listings – Technorati and MyBlogLog are the two most important Web 2.0 sites to any Internet marketer, niche marketer or affiliate marketer in terms of promoting their blog posts.

Here’s where the power of Private Label Rights, or PLR, comes into your Web 2.0 targeted traffic generation strategies… Take a look through the e-book and see if you can find a good passage of about 600-800 words that either sums up the contents of the e-book or gives some great tips without revealing the most powerful tips in the PLR package. Copy & paste that part into a notepad file and edit it as necessary to make it into a powerful Squidoo lens. Write a summary or ‘signature box’ to put at the end of it, pointing out that it’s an exerpt from your book, and recommend they download the full version for more info – and be sure to link to your salespage. Add the lens to Squidoo and as soon as it’s published, bookmark it at all the popular Web 2.0 bookmarking sites using the OnlyWire site.

Next pick 3 or 4 good tips from the e-book, and copy & paste 300-400 word passages about each of those tips into separate notepad files. Touch up anything that doesn’t flow til you have four good articles, add an ‘About the Author’ box that’s similar to the one on your Squidoo lens, and submit all 4 articles to the ten or twelve top article directories online. This is the fastest way to get a number of high-quality one-way backlinks to your new site, getting it quickly spidered in Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, SearchMe, etc.

Really want to maximize your targeted traffic from the Web 2.0 sites? Go back now to the PLR Audio, listen to it right through a couple of times, making note of any 3-5 minute passages that seem particularly crammed with great information. Once you’ve picked a couple, use your audio editing program of choice to copy and paste the two or three best passages into their own audio files. Record a quick intro pointing out that the info is exerpted from your audio e-book, and a quick exit for the audios recommending people download the entire audio from your site – be sure to both say and spell out your salespage URL! Now go back to the e-book and do the same with those exact same passages, creating a transcript for each of your new audio files.

Over the course of the next few days, add one of the transcripts to your blog as a new post, embed the audio in a player with the post, and ping the usual blog directories AND the podcast directories – after all, your new audio files ARE podcasts as soon as you add them to your blog! This is an easy process if you use a podcast plugin like PodPress – and it will let you upload your podcast to the massive iTunes directory as well! Since every audio file has your URL listed at the end of the podcast, each listener at ANY source is now part of your potential traffic. And since they were interested enough to listen to the podcast, you know they’re TARGETED traffic as well!

That looks after using your new PLR for targeted web 2.0 traffic generation – assuming you remeber to grab your copy from before all 100 copies are gone. If you’re too late, either write and record your own product to use this way, or watch for other PLR sales that include both PLR e-books and PLR audio e-books.

Done right, this can be one of the most powerful targeted traffic producing machines you can put online right now – use the Web 2.0 sites and Web 2.0 technologies to your own massive advantage while they’re still the hottest traffic-generating resources around!

To your successsful targeted traffic generation…

Doug Champigny

PLR Master Doug Champigny has been working online full-time since 1997 and is the author of the Private Label Rights Blog. For a lot more info on using PLR to make money online, be sure to download his PLR Tutorial Videos and/or his PLR For Newbies Videos.

Publishers’ Note: You may use this article on your web sites, blogs, etc, as long as no alterations are made, all links remain live and exactly as they are here, and the copyright remains intact and visible.

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Internet Marketing Blogging Tips

Internet Marketing Blogging Tips

©2008 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

While many thought blogging was a passing fad, it’s now obvious that blogging is a practice that is here to stay as a powerful Web 2.0 marketing and traffic-generation toolset – and marketers are definitely profiting from their blogging efforts. Blogs are especially attractive to Internet marketers, for a variety of reasons.

First, installing and operating a blog is very simple. There is no need to learn HTML, and you can have a blog set up and operating in a matter of minutes. For popular blog software, such as WordPress, there are numerous templates available all over the Internet to help you make your blog attractive. And most professional hosting sites offer almost instant WordPress installation through Fantastico in your cPanel options.

You can blog even if you don’t have your own website, by using a hosted blog such as that found at Blogger. However, you should ideally set your blog up on its own domain, with a professional domain name and webhosting.

Blogs are especially important for search engine optimization purposes. When you add a blog post to your blog, simply include a link or two to your main website that your blog pertains to – over time link to both the homepage and at least a few of the main interior pages of the site. This adds inbound links for your website, and may help to boost your rankings in the search engines. Be sure your blog template includes an appropriate robots meta-tag or use a ‘Do Follow’ blog plug-in though, or you may be wasting your time.

The important thing about marketing blogging is that you provide content that is of interest to your niche – not to the industry that your niche is in. You must stay tightly focused on your niches’ concerns, problems, and desires and ignore the rest of the market as a whole. You can’t please the entire market, and that isn’t what you are trying to accomplish anyway.

If you have various areas or sites to promote that aren’t tightly targeted to that same niche, set up a separate blog for each one. For example, an Internet marketer may have one blog for mainstream marketing, one for affiliate marketing, one for niche marketing, etc. Or an Internet marketer targeting the golf niche, as another example, might have one blog that discusses golf swings and how to improve them, one on golfing equipment, and a third that discusses and rates golf courses around the world.

Always keep in mind that the more tightly focused the blog, the tighter the targeting of the traffic it attracts – and highly-targeted traffic is the lifeblood of your sales process and list-building online. In the previous example, all 3 blogs might lead to the same web site – but one would lead to the page where you’re selling golf instruction videos and e-books, the second to your section on golf equipment, and the third to a page promoting golf vacations and packages.

That same example shows how easily blogging can benefit affiliate marketers as well – each of those three blogs might send traffic to two or three links each, tightly targeted to that blog’s subject matter. Yes, all 3 deal with golf, but by handling it correctly you could be tightly targeting 6 or 9 different affiliate opportunities within the golfing industry online.

It is also important that you blog daily, or several times per week at the very least. Don’t worry about how many people are reading your blog. The more you update it, the more popular it can become in the blog directories and search engines. Over time, you should be able to build a good readership, and you will make sales to those people as time goes on. Add a sign-up form for your opt-in mailing list and you’ve created a really powerful marketing & profit center for yourself, one that can generate an ongoing influx of new traffic into your sales funnel.

To ensure you get maximum exposure for your blogs, use as many of the Web 2.0 services as you have time for. Use the ‘auto-pinging’ function built into WordPress to maximum advantage, list your blogs with services like Technorati and MyBlogLog, and use the online ping services like Pingoat and Ping-O-Matic to update even more directories each time you add another article (post) to your blogs.

Of all the Web 2.0 methods open to marketers, the combination of ease of use, low or no cost, and potential returns available makes blogging a must-have tool for Internet marketing, and it’s especially well-suited to those just entering the field. In fact, we’re seeing more and more fledgling Internet marketers beginning with, and sometimes staying exclusively with, blogging instead of traditional site building.

Get YOUR Internet marketing blogging going today!

Doug Champigny is a recognized expert, author and speaker on the subject of driving highly-targeted traffic using Web 2.0 technologies and sites, and is the author of How to Become A Blogging Pro“. Doug recently assembled the Massive Traffic Bootcamp to help Internet marketers, bloggers and affiliate marketers drive more targeted traffic by integrating Web 2.0 techniques with classic Search Engine Optimization.

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Creating E-mail Courses with PLR Articles

Creating E-mail Courses with PLR Articles

© Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Email courses are very popular. There will always be people in your niche that want to learn something new that is related to that niche, and as an expert in your field, they will look to you to teach them what they want to learn. Email courses offer the perfect opportunity to do this – and to earn some money as well.

Email courses are typically free for the person taking the course. Since you want to build an opt-in list, if you don’t already have one, you will need an autoresponder that supports multiple lists anyway. This means that you won’t be out any additional money if you offer a free email course.

You will, however, need content for that course. PLR articles offer a very viable solution. You can use the gist of the material, and make changes and additions to suit your course. The cost of niche PLR packages is very reasonable, and should fit into any budget.

You simply set up your autoresponder, and put a subscribe box on your site for that particular course. You then make changes to the PLR articles that you will be using so that you can deliver your course in a logical way that helps your readers learn what you are hoping to teach them. You then load those articles into your autoresponder, having one sent out each day, week, or every couple of days, as you desire. You’re all set to go!

Now, how can you make money by giving away a free email course? That’s the easy part. You simply promote affiliate products in the text of the course. Of course you will want to promote products directly related to what you are teaching your readers, but you can find affiliate products on every imaginable topic, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Doug Champigny is a popular Internet marketer, super-affiliate, blogger, e-zine publisher, mentor and speaker – and a noted PLR expert, in thanks partly to his PLR Tutorial Videos and his How To Become A PLR PRO! e-book. Doug’s latest PLR ventures include the PLR articles membership site, and, his PLR Websites Membership site.

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