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Now you can create a blog with simplicity never available before and be able to do what you always wanted to – share good content and get paid for doing so!

Expert WordPress is a result of knowledge and experience I have blended together and based on information I have as an Internet Marketer, webmaster and pro-blogger. Every question asked on this blog, every problem presented and shared by my reader was considered and often materialized as one of the video tutorials. And there is infinitely more!

But first – What Is Expert WordPress?

Expert WordPress is a complete blog in a box product that provides several highly effective plugins, custom theme (separately on this one later) and a proprietary script that make entire install and configuration process a snap!

Just watch the video below.

What makes the Expert WordPress system unique?

  • Simplicity and hands off on technical details while giving all the options easily accessible were built from the ground up. It is not easy to answer everyone’s request but based on poll previously conducted on this blog and still available in sidebar – majority of the people seen Theme Customization and locating good theme as major issue. Similar experience shared by customers as well.
  • Expert WordPress comes with a custom theme that is loosely based on “Unnamed” but with all the unneeded extras removed, Search Engine Optimized and additional monetization options integrated. It provides a simple way for you to upload a new header (26 professionally designed niche headers provided with EWP) , change layout with one click and change a text colors, background etc without ANY need for technical knowledge. Just click and choose from simple interface. Although the system designed to work with this theme – you are not limited to it! Nothing is hardcoded and you can use any theme you choose.
  • Set of plugins fully tested to be compatible and not resource hog. One of the biggest issues with WordPress is load speed. As we add plugins – that speed can dramatically decrease and sometimes even kill your hosting account. Overusing resources can lead to an account ban quite easy on shared hosting. What provided as part of package are plugins you need to have for maximum interactivity and yet designed in “shared hosting friendly” way. You can obviously add more as it is your blog!
  • 2 Levels of membership are designed with direct understanding that great many bloggers, while love the simplicity – might not have the money right now! Or perhaps already know all they need to know and simply need the blog installer package. Gold Level covers that need at ONLY $27! It comes with all the professional headers, several videos you need to have and a lot more. In fact this price is a LOT less than most charge for custom install, according to a poll recently run in Weblog Tools. And it comes with a lot more than just install…

Just see the video below.

  • And for those of you who need to learn a bit more, or perhaps simply need the extra boost to your existing effort – Platinum membership is the Ticket! It holds the premium price (which is still a lot lower than any asked by competition) but for the action takes it will be made available ONCE at great discount. Only on your first login you will get a chance to save, so pay attention as we will not listen to any excuses later, sorry. See video on what you get as part of this membership.

And for people on the go… Each video tutorial that is part of Expert WordPress comes also with an MP3 file of the audio narration and high quality iPod movie. You have multiple choices to learn at your own pace.

What About Existing Customers?

I’m committed to my customers and will provide a special deal but only if you currently own the Web 2.0 Wealth System. It will not be made available to anyone else. So, please stay tuned and more info will be provided.

Should You Buy Expert WordPress?

I can’t answer this question for you. You will have to decide on what is right for you but I certainly hope to see you on the inside! Expert WordPress is my answer to many questions and problems experienced by you and other readers and customers and designed to make you the Expert WordPress blogger. It is time you earn your share!

Buy Expert WordPress by clicking on image below

expert wordpress

expert wordpress

Alex Sysoef is a well-known Internet marketer and world-famous professional blogger. He is the creator of the Expert WordPress and Expert WordPress Platinum software and training system being heralded by new bloggers and seaoned pros alike. Be sure to stop by his How-To Spot-Er blog – it’ll rapidly become one of your favorite stops if you’re serious about making money online with blogs!

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