Article Marketing For Making Money Online

If you are not already using article marketing for your business, you are missing out on sales and signups that could be garnered from this time tested method of marketing a business online. Anyone who isn’t already marketing their business with articles should get started on it right away.

Remember, your article marketing efforts of today will continue to pay off for years to come. You can’t say that about any other type of marketing that exists. For the future of your business, this is an area of marketing that you need to learn – and you need to learn every aspect of it as soon as possible.

You may shy away from article marketing because you can’t write well, or because you don’t think that article marketing is right for your niche. These are valid reasons – but they are wrong. Even if you can’t write well, you can pay someone who does. Having articles written is surprisingly cheap. In fact, you can have one article written each and every week for less than ten dollars.

You can also take one of the many free writing courses online to learn how to write articles. Once you get the hang of writing articles, you will find that you can write a short article in less than half an hour. If you are slow at typing, or your article will require more research, you can knock one out in about an hour.

As for article marketing not being right for your niche – wrong again. Article marketing works for all niches. Have you been to a search engine lately? No matter what you think of to type in, you will find web pages on that topic. Where there are webpages, there are readers, and where there are readers, there is a need for articles.

Go ahead – try it. Visit your favorite search engine and try to think up something off the wall and type it in. Bet you find webpages that have content – articles – on them! Web content comes from articles – whether they are articles that were written specifically for that website, or articles that were found in the article banks.

You have everything to gain from article marketing, and nothing to lose – as long as you are doing your article marketing in the right way. Even if you did it in the wrong way, the most you stand to lose is your time. Frankly, article marketing is something that is hard to fail at.

The process is incredibly simple: write an informative article, include a resource box that has a call to action, distribute the article, and reap the benefits for years to come. That’s all there is to it – and this is a marketing method that is available to everyone – even if they are new to Internet Business. You don’t have to be a guru to write articles. You become a guru by writing articles.

You don’t even have to own a business to start writing articles and profiting from them. Affiliate marketing, where you promote other peoples products and services for a percentage of each sale, can easily be done through article marketing – and this is where many gurus got their start.

If you aren’t article marketing, you are leaving money on the table. It is as simple as that – and you can start article marketing today. Right now. If you can write, write. If you can’t, hire a ghostwriter, pay eight to ten bucks for the article, and start distributing it. All of that can be done now – TODAY.

Don’t let another day go by that you are not benefiting from the uncontested and unrivaled effectiveness of article marketing! The future of your business, as well as your own financial future, could depend on it.

For More On Article Marketing:

Free Article Marketing Overview

Article Marketing Overview – a simple guide to the basics of article marketing, for those not familiar with marketing using articles. Overview & e-zine are free for your signup. Confused by all the hype over Article Marketing? Not sure if Article Marketing is right for you? Wondering what the article format is for successful Article Marketing? And just what the heck IS an ‘Author’s Resource Box’ anyway?

Well, don’t fret, my friend – the answers to that and a whole lot more about Article Marketing are including in this short report & audio, designed to give you a quick overview of article marketing.


Doug Champigny's Beginners' Key To Understanding Article Marketing

Understanding Article Marketing – For more serious Internet marketing using article marketing, “Doug Champigny’s Beginners’ Key To Understanding Article Marketing” covers all the essential aspects of article marketing and explains why it is the most effective way to promote a business today.

Download this amazing resource and you’ll quickly learn all the article marketing tips, tricks and techniques you need to use article marketing as an effective weapon in your affiliate marketing arsenal. If you intend to build a successful business online, this e-book is a must-read!


Submit Articles To Hundreds Of Directories At Once!

Article Marketer – Serious article submssion for serious Internet marketing! What holds most affiliate marketers back isn’t the time it takes to write an article, nor the cost of having one ghostwritten – it’s the tedious hours of submitting that article to enough article directories to make that article an effective tool. Article Marketer’s article submission service makes that a non-issue!

Now affiliate marketers can upload their article to one site and have it distributed to tens, hundreds or thousands of article directories for them, by the most respected, most trusted and most efficient article distribution company online – and for way less than their competition! With an upgraded membership you can submit an unlimited number of unique articles at once – even set deadlines for when to start delivering them and when to stop distributing them if you want!

(Marketing Power Tip: If you can afford it right now, take the lifetime membership – for one simple payment you can submit unlimited articles for years to come without ever making another payment, meaning you’ll never have to hesitate in your article marketing if money gets tight at some point!)


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Most Profitable Part Of Internet Marketing Systems

Hope you had a super weekend, and are ready to dive into the week full of vim and vigour, demolishing the obstacles and gaining major ground in your online biz! If you missed it over the weekend, get over right now and get in on this new free service from Jeff Dedrick!

If you did get in already, go back and get your bonus pages and links set up now – it only takes a few minutes and there’s no cash outlay required, so there’s no valid excuses why you shouldn’t, either!

Why is it so important that you do? The simple answer is that you can make more, possibly a lot more, just from the effort you already put in, from the traffic you already have coming to your sites or your blogs. But there’s more to it than that…

You see, last year Teri & I made an extra 5-figures from our automated back-end system – but it was only maybe 10% of what we made overall for 2008. Still, who turns down an extra 10% for no extra effort or outlay? We were happy with it til I talked to a friend last week, one that makes 10 times what we do online, and found out his back-end provides over 75% of his total each year – and the same for all the others at his level!

Turns out his back-end is a funnel that leads to a coaching program that runs $5k – $20k, with smaller amounts before you get to that level. Ours is nowhere near that sophisticated, but it definitely gave me some ideas to improve what we make in 2009!

And that’s why this site is so important to you and to your online biz. It won’t have you bringing in over a million a year like he is, but it WILL start you on the path to making more than you are now, and start adding those extra bucks to your bottom line too.

How far you take it from there depends on the time and outlay you want to make setting up a more sophisticated back-end as time progresses, but for now jump on the stuff on Jeff’s site and get your back-end system started while you can do it for free – and with so very little effort!

Jeff Dedrick’s Free Instant Bonus Pages

Empowering YOU To Dominate 2009…

Doug Champigny,
The Internet Marketing Blog

PS – Unless you have great heaping gobs of extra bucks to throw at your biz, or 25 years in marketing and a full knowledge of programming, nothing is as likely to add as much to your bottom line this year as setting up back-end offers – so don’t mess around – get yours started now!

Helping you succeed… DC.

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Still Waiting To Be Impressed at W.I.S.

Well, after two days at the World Internet Summit we’re
still waiting to be impressed – maybe we’ve been spoiled
by how great Ken McArthur’s JVAlert Live seminars are…

Holding out hope for today, though – As a videographer
I’m curious to see what Mike Stewart has to say. He did
some great stuff with Jim Edwards a while back, and Jim
and Willie Crawford were the only ones with IM videos at
YouTube before my first one, so let’s see what wisdom he

Also today is Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, whom I’ve seen some
spectacular things from – in fact I have his ‘Marketers
on a Mission’ disk here on my desk. So hope remains…

In the meantime, did you check this out yet?

The Internet’s Biggest Firesale  

It doesn’t launch for another 10 days, but when you
look at the veritable ‘who’s who’ of our industry that’s
involved, you’ll definitely want to get on the updates
list there. Pay strict attention to what you receive in
pre-hype from this launch – it will no doubt be a study
in how to present a big launch successfully, something
we all want to master…

After all, do you doubt you could learn a lot from
this crowd, whether you downloaded anything or not? It’s
one of those times when just the event itself can teach
you a lot… Get on the announcement list here:

Vince Tan’s Biggest Firesale

Empowering YOU & Helping You Do Fine In 2009…

Doug Champigny
Internet Marketing with Doug Champigny

PS – The Christmas PLR bundle will be taken offline for
the year next Sunday night – after that it’s time to be
putting them online yourself, not just getting the PLR.
So if you don’t have the bundle already, scoop it up now:

Champigny Christmas PLR Pack  

To your success… DC.

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Affiliate Marketing – What Affiliates Want From Affiliate Marketing Programs

5 Key Things Which Merchants Must Provide To Their Affiliates Or Risk Losing Them And Face A Significant Drop In Sales!

High quality affiliates and web masters are now very discerning and fussy about the websites and products they get affiliated to. These top quality ‘super’ affiliates can significantly publicize the merchant’s website, create a flood of traffic to the website and generate a lot of sales for the merchant. It is therefore logical that many affiliate program owners pay particular attention to what affiliates want and provide them just that and more, otherwise they will leave your program and join your competitors and drive traffic to your competitor!

Although building an affiliate network appear to be an easy and low-cost way to generate sales, in reality, more attention to the details of the affiliate program is important if you want affiliates to sign up and advance to become your super affiliates who generate loads of sales for you. The key to recruit and retain affiliates who will explode your sales is to have an affiliate program that gives affiliates what they want so that they are highly motivated to generate many sales and increase your profits as well as earn large affiliate checks themselves!

Here go the important essentials that affiliates want from an affiliate program.

1. A high quality product, a professional well-laid-out website that converts and a company with good reputation and ethical business practices. Affiliates want to promote first-rate products or services which they can be proud to be associated with and can recommend to their lists and prospects. Affiliates invest their money time and money to drive traffic to the merchant’s website. It is therefore very important that the merchant’s website and sales copy converts well. Affiliates with good websites work hard to keep their content unique and fresh so they can draw visitors, and they want the merchant’s website where they will drive some of their traffic to be worthwhile with appealing products or services. Affiliates want to be associated with a reliable company that will provide or deliver the products purchased by the buyers and pay its affiliates their commissions.

2. An attractive payment structure, residual commissions, punctual payments and payment options. Your affiliates are in business as much as you the merchant are in business. After they have done their work and bring in sales, reward them generously and quickly! There are many payment structures and options which your affiliate program can use. Payments per click, paying a fixed amount per sale, or paying a specified percentage of the sale are some of the options you can choose from. Make sure that the payment structure you use is suitable to the products you are selling so that you make it worthwhile and appealing from the affiliate’s point of view. The main attraction of affiliate marketing is the opportunity to earn passive residual income. To make your affiliate program even more attractive, try to provide some form of residual commissions. Having an online business means that you will have affiliates from many parts of the world. You the merchant must ensure that you provide payment options that can suit all your affiliates. Be generous and remember that if it were not for your affiliates, it would take you a lot of time, effort and money to bring in so many sales which your affiliates bring.

3. Promotional materials. Your affiliate program is your main promotional tool and you must invest in it by providing all the necessary promotional tools which your affiliates will use to bring in sales. Some of the marketing tools that you must consider providing are banners, codes, PLR articles, solo ads, classified ads and many others. All your affiliates will need to do is to personalize and customize these, and they are ready to drive traffic to the merchant’s site!

4. Accurate tracking and reporting of the affiliate sales statistics. This is very important because affiliates don’t want to feel cheated out of their efforts, and they want to keep a close look at their commission earnings as well as assess if their advertising efforts are brining in the results they want. Many affiliates are savvy internet marketers, and they know that most people whom they direct to the merchant’s website do not purchase immediately. Many people will buy the product or service after it has been advertised to them several times. A merchant must therefore have a good cookie tracking device so that affiliates are rewarded accordingly.

5. Affiliates also want true partnership and communication. It is important for the merchant to regularly communicate with his or her affiliates. If there are any problems, let your affiliate know as soon as possible. If your affiliates have questions, answer them promptly. If you take your affiliate program seriously, it is worthwhile to have a newsletter where you can keep in touch with all your affiliates on a regular basis. Use the newsletter to announce any up-coming products or special offers as well as motivate them. Ask your affiliates about what they would like to have from you the merchant so that they can bring many sales!

Prospective affiliates know what they want, as discussed in this article, and they will expect these from an affiliate program. Provide your affiliates with what they want – and they will happily bring what you the merchant wants – more sales!

Doug Champigny is a well-known Internet marketing author, mentor & speaker, and heads up the Team Champigny Affiliate Force. For more on Affiliate Marketing, see the Affiliate Marketing Special Report. For free reports on new products for affiliates to sell, sign up for our Daily Affiliate Alerts.

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Your Most Powerful Free Traffic Tool

Are you using article marketing to drive targeted traffic to your sites? If not, you certainly should be. As has been demonstrated time and time again, article marketing is the single most powerful tool for driving targeted traffic to your Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and niche marketing websites, blogs and affiliate links.

Now there’s even more reason to start article marketing – a new article directory with a difference has opened up, and you can make affiliate commissions, Adsense money and even earn advertising credits from referring others, submitting articles and even from the articles submitted by those you referred.

And, of course, that’s all on top of the targeted traffic you drive to your sites with the links in your articles’ ‘About The Author’ box. So you get all the article marketing benefits of the traditional article directories, PLUS earn money and get additional traffic through the advertising you earn – sweet or what?

Just some of the articles I’ve submitted there in the last week include:

Now obviously, as soon as you can afford it, you want to go with a professional article marketing distribution service like Article Marketer. But until then, whenever you write an article, even if you’re using it your e-zine or on your blog, be sure to submit it to the AffSphere Article Directory too.

Note that I said an ‘article’, not a ‘salespitch’ – while you can embed links in the body of your article at AffSphere, it does you no good if your writing sounds ‘pitchy’. People go to article directories to learn about various areas or to look for good articles to place on their sites or in their blogs. Obviously, no one is going to post your link-laden salespitch on their web properties, and those looking for info won’t be clicking your links either – they’ll be off to other articles in the directory. Since the reason you’re doing your article marketing is to draw targeted traffic to your sites, you have to be sure you have good, solid content in each and every article you submit.

So start by signing up to AffSphere, then search your hard drive for any articles you’ve already written and load them up. Post a link to the site on your blog, let your list know about the new directory, and away you go – your article marketing just got that much stronger. And along with all that targeted traffic, your article marketing activities is also now making you money directly – a very pleasant twist indeed!

Internet marketing coach, mentor and speaker Doug Champigny is the author of several e-books on generating Targeted Traffic, writes the Top Traffic Tips blog, and has published the Doug Champigny’s Beginners’ Key To Understanding Article Marketing e-book. Doug Champigny is an avid fan of article marketing, and highly recommends both Anik Singal’s AffSphere Article Directory and the Article Marketer service, both of which he himself uses in his article marketing.

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21 Internet Marketing Success Steps

21 Internet Marketing Success Steps

©2008 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Like others in the upper echelons of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing, I’m asked one question by Internet marketing and affiliate marketing ‘newbies’ more often than any other:

“I can’t seem to make money online – What am I doing wrong?”

When my Internet marketing mentoring students ask me that, I can give them a detailed breakdown specific to their online operations – but they’re paying top dollars for my time investment, and I only mentor those who already have a viable presence online. So what about those new to Internet marketing – what advice can we offer them?

Time constraints prevent anyone from checking into the current operations of everyone starting out in Internet marketing, and after 11 years of being online full time it’s easy to forget how frustrating even the simplest of Internet marketing activities can be to the neophyte.

So in response I put together this list of ‘21 Internet Marketing Success Steps‘ to try and help guide both those new to Internet marketing and those with some Internet marketing experience who find their online marketing profits stalled or declining.

Pretty much ALL Internet Marketing success breaks down very similar to:

Basic Internet Marketing:

1) Choose affiliate or your own products;
2) Build some type of web presence for it;
3) Get targeted eyeballs to that page or blog post;
4) Start building your list from those targeted visitors;
5) Use every free method to bring more people to the site;
6) Use your list to bring people back to the site and to new sites;

Intermediate Internet Marketing:

7) Add related backend offers to your site;
8) Set up an affiliate program and get others pushing your site;
9) Put about 30% of what’s coming in back into getting more visitors;
10) Participate in giveaways to build your list and visitor numbers;
11) Find related products for new sites and do 1 – 10 with them too;
12) Attend live IM events, for knowledge but mostly for networking;
13) Convert related PLR resources to unique products to put online;

Advanced Internet Marketing:

14) Set up a backend linking all your sites together & automate the processes;
15) Build e-mail e-courses to make available in each niche/area you cover;
16) Outsource much of your visitor acquisition;
17) Do Joint Ventures with other advanced Internet Marketers;
18) Outsource your product creation;
19) Evaluate and improve your automated backend efforts;
20) Speak at industry events & seminars;
21) Give back – mentor others to help them achieve their dreams.

For most people starting out it’s safe to assume the following as averages other Internet marketing newbies have achieved…

First sale: 2 – 6 months.
First steady trickle of sales: 4 – 12 months.
Full Time Earnings: 2 – 5 years.

Those Internet marketing timelines can be influenced up or down by the amount of time and money you can put in, your background experience, your focus, and mostly by the amount of concentrated, continual effort you put into following your plan in a tightly-focused manner.

The 3 Biggest Biz-Killers…

1) Lack of focus (too many different, unrelated activities).
2) Giving up too soon (lack of perseverance).
3) Half-hearted effort (It takes a lot of time and/or a lot of money – you have to be willing to invest one or the other (or both) on a constant basis for the first few years at least. Everyone I’ve met at our level or above has a passionate commitment to their Internet marketing business.)

Do an honest appraisal of your Internet marketing efforts to date. Are you following the above steps in order, or jumping around? Starting at #1, how far into the list can you go, confident you’re performing that task diligently? Re-evaluate your plans based on what that tells you, and use that current limitation as the guide to what you need to learn more about, to focus on more, to put more effort into – and to eliminate anything else you’re doing that is straining your focus and your money and time constraints.

Decide what your goals are online. A few extra bucks? A steady inflow to help with the mortgage or to get a new car or a cottage? Enough to do this full time? Or sustaining a level that lets you achieve all your dreams and desires? Each level is being achieved right now by people online – just know which you’re after so you can gauge the amount of time and effort you have to commit to your desired level of Internet marketing success.

Don’t be swayed by stories of meteorical rises online – while they do happen, they’re extremely rare. Usually they don’t make all the details public – I know a lot of ‘overnight successes’ who spent 3-5 or more years in the trenches first – just no one knows that. And others who put 6 or 7 figures into their Internet marketing businesses before you first heard of them.

And watch out for people who had one or two big launches 3, 5 or 10 years ago and are still teaching that same system – Internet marketing practices changes too quickly and too drastically for that info to still be accurate. When evaluating advice you get in this biz, always think to yourself:

“Yes, but what have they done lately?”

If the answer is ‘nothing new in the last 6 months’, take the advice with a grain of salt and stay focused on your own path, only using the bits from it that fit in with your own Internet marketing strategy. After all, only YOU know where YOUR biz is right now, and what YOUR end goals are, right?


The best advice I’ve seen in this biz is to focus on making your first buck. Not a lot, just your first buck. Achieving that shows it can be done. Then focus on making one more. That shows it wasn’t a fluke – it can be repeated over and over successfully. That eliminates one of the biggest stumbling blocks to building your own Internet marketing business by showing that a) it can be done, and b) YOU can do it. Then just use the 21 Internet Marketing Success Steps above to build your business by continually repeating that process in larger volume for larger returns, and you’re on your way!

About The Author:
Internet marketing author, mentor and speaker Doug Champigny is an online success coach who, with his wife Teri, owns and operates over 100 web sites, a dozen blogs and highly-popular Internet marketing and Affiliate marketing e-zines. You can download 50 PLR articles for free from his latest site, For more help in getting started online, visit his Training For Newbies web site.

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Effective Article Marketing For Affiliates

Effective Article Marketing For Affiliates

©2008 Doug champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Article marketing has been around long before online media was been invented. Business establishments have been known to promote their products and services through the written media even before the internet was invented. And with the onset of the internet, online article marketing has become an easier means of promotion compared to its older predecessors.

Not only can online article marketing be free (like most of its predecessors), it is non-seasonal (meaning, people can read your articles the whole year round, without exception as to what season your article is most applicable to), and can exist for even much longer than you will.

Many online business pursuits, affiliate marketing among them, have made use of the ease and the accessibility which online article marketing offers them. However, this same ease has jeopardized many qualities good ol’ fashion articles used to have: fun, quality, and creativity, among others. Many article writers have apparently forgotten the fact that their articles are trying to serve real life people, and not virtual search engines.

If you are into affiliate marketing, you are reading the right article. If you are into online article marketing to help you promote your products, all the better. This article will help you outline the qualities your affiliate marketing articles should have to provide the best profits for you, without sacrificing your potential customers’ trust.


The main focus of online article marketing is to provide prospects with information at the click of a button. Your prospects do have a tendency to be impatient, so make your articles concise. Focus your articles on the product features and benefits your readers would most probably want to know about. If you feel you have enough skills as a writer, you might wish to omit some really good information about the product, and write in such a way that your readers might want to read more.

And never forget that not all information are created equal—some information are more beneficial than others, depending on the type of product you are promoting. Some products require a thorough discussion of the features, whereas a simple discussion of a product’s benefits might be enough for other types of products. The prospects should benefit from online article marketing, too, and if you have to, place yourself in your prospects’ shoes and try to imagine what kinds of things they would rather get from your articles.


Article writers nowadays are beginning to forget just how important quality is when it comes to written material. This isn’t to say that you have to be a major in journalism or a Nobel Prize winner in Literature to get to write well. The internet is bombarded with article-writing tips, a lot of which are even focused on online article marketing. If you still aren’t confident enough, you might wish to hire someone else for the job. Always remember that quality, and not quantity, articles will be best for your affiliate marketing venture.


How many crowded parties have you been to your entire life? And in how many out of these parties did you actually remember the names of all the strangers who attended? See how easy it is to remember the guy with the great sense of humor, or the girl with great conversational skills? Leave the same impression with your online article marketing efforts. Make your affiliate marketing prospects remember you. They may not buy anything off your hands right away, but the moment you sell them something they feel they need, the chances of them hesitating given their knowledge of your written humor is quite small.


This might just be the best way for you to get your articles read by as many people as possible. If you do decide to post your articles to as many article directories as you can handle, please have the decency to write articles that deserve that much exposure. Reading a badly written article is, well, bad enough, but having it posted all over the World Wide Web?

No one needs, or wants, a badly written article, all the more, hundreds of the same thing. Do yourself a favor and don’t simply kiss your success in the affiliate marketing world by posting hundreds of useless words online.


Article marketing is entirely useless if you can’t get people to read your articles. Make your articles easier to find online. Imagine what keywords your prospects are most likely to enter when looking for your products. Establish them in appropriate places throughout your article. And don’t forget the quality of your articles. Never ever forget.

Affiliate marketing has now become a much easier venture to undergo, especially with article marketing aiding its efforts. You can be successful in either of these ventures (affiliate marketing and article marketing) if you work hard enough. Following the tips mentioned won’t hurt as well. Always remember that in the world of business, success is never too far away.


Article Directory For Affiliates:

Make affiliate commissions and earn advertising credits
from people who read the articles you write:

Article Directory For Affiliates  

8-Minute Article Program:

Free program that helps you write new articles
in just 8 minutes:

8-Minute Article Program  

Duplicate Content Report:

Free report that helps maks sense of the whole
duplicate content controversy:

Duplicate Content Report  

Professional Article Submissions:

The article marketing submission service the big dogs use:

Professional Article Submissions  

To your success in Affiliate Marketing using Article Marketing,

Doug Champigny,

For more Affiliate Marketing help:
Team Champigny Affiliate Blog  

For more Internet Marketing help:
Internet Marketing Blog

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Why Many Internet Marketers Fail

The Two Biggest Reasons Why Most People Will Never Make a Full-Time Income Online…

© Chris Rempel. All Rights Reserved.

It all starts when some well-meaning (yet misdirected) person encourages a budding internet entrepreneur to “start in a niche they know alot about”, or base their business around “something they’re passionate about”…

As horrible as it may sound – they’ve unknowingly sent the hopeful entrepreneur down a path of false expectations, poor results and eventually – failure. In fact, the myth of “do what you love and the money will follow” has been responsible for more failure than likely any other influence – perhaps even more so than laziness or a lack of perseverance.

Because the simple truth of the matter is that the only way you’re going to make real money on the net is if your business is based around two crucial things:

1) Large Demand

2) Buyers

In other words – you aren’t going to get rich selling a $15 ebook about growing square watermelons – even though that might be a great passion of yours.

The demand just isn’t there. Maybe there’s a few searches a day on Google for the topic, and perhaps there’s some interest in the online “gardening enthusiast” communities – but you’d be hard-pressed to make even a few hundred dollars a month from ebook sales.

Similarly, you also aren’t going to have a particularly easy time getting rich by building websites about some seemingly “popular” topics like humor, jokes, funny pictures and so on. And while there are a few ways to “monetize” your site (with AdSense, CPA Offers, CPM Banners, etc.), it takes literally millions of website visitors to make even just a few thousand dollars in markets like that.

The demand is huge – but the visitor value is extremely low…

Instead, if you want to make it big online – pulling down an impressive six-figure income – you need to tap into markets with tons of demand, where the majority of the visitors are valuable.

You need to capture tons of traffic that wants to buy something. If you take this approach, you’d practically have to hijack your own order links (or affiliate links) not to make a sizeable income.

In fact – did you know that some affiliates make several thousand dollars daily just by promoting a single product in hot markets? (Just imagine what the merchant is making…)

In some markets there’s actually so much demand that the vendors are quite literally selling over a thousand units – or more – per day. Digital products, with practically zero overhead/delivery cost.

But it all comes back to tapping into valuable demand. In most cases, it takes no extra effort or “skill” to market to a valuable market than it does to struggle along with something you’re passionate about.

These two factors – demand and buying traffic – are what seperate the “wannabe” marketers from the millionaires. Because there’s no real secret – you just need to sell what thousands of people are already buying.

The ball is now officially in your court. Are you tapping into markets with massive, valuable demand?

Or are you struggling to simply make a few dollars occasionally with a business that’s based on your own passionate interests?


Chris Rempel, author of “Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate”, reveals 5 of his most effective traffic strategies and niche-targeting tactics in full detail on this web page.


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Jeffrey Levesque Appointed Team Champigny Affiliate Marketing Manager

For Immediate Release:

Affiliate Marketing Expert Jeffrey Levesque Joins Team Champigny as Affiliate Manager

Team Champigny Headquarters – Welland, Ontario, Canada – Internet marketing specialists Team Champigny today announced that well-known affiliate marketing expert Jeffrey Levesque has joined the world-renowned Team Champigny as their new Affiliate Marketing Manager for all of their 100-plus Internet properties. Levesque, a native of Liberty Hill, Texas, has been a major force behind some of the biggest affiliate marketing successes in Internet marketing history and is best known for providing cutting-edge affiliate marketing training to ensure affiliates make as much money as possible online.

“Too many would-be affiliate marketing managers limit themselves to the role of cheerleaders” says Levesque. “But to provide true value and ensure the success of any affiliate marketing program, first you have to ensure the success of your affiliates. Invest the time to learn every facet of successful affiliate marketing, and then train your affiliate team and sharpen their skills in every area of affiliate marketing – the latest technologies, the latest trends and the tried and trusted methodologies used by successful marketers everywhere, online or off.The more money your affiliates are making the greater their motivation and loyalty – and the greater your team’s success. Teri & Doug Champigny recognize that a great coach is far more valuable than a great cheerleader, and I look forward to coaching the Team Champigny affiliates to even greater successes.”Internet marketing author, mentor and speaker Doug Champigny, who heads up Team Champigny, says of the union: “The timing and synergy provided by this union provides a gestalt that creates a win-win situation for all parties concerned…

The Team Champigny online portfolio is expanding exponentially and currently includes over 100 websites and a dozen blogs – when combined with road-trips to my speaking engagements and the time requirements of my coaching, I don’t really have enough time left over to properly support the Team Champigny affiliate army, who now number over 2,400 affiliate marketers.

Teri & I have been operating online full-time since 1997, and our biggest concern regarding an affiliate manager was finding someone with that same wealth of experience, who knows as much as we do about affiliate marketing, Internet marketing and the business in general. It was important to us that we find someone unusually bright, extremely personable, and who truly cared about the success and well-being of every single affiliate in our program, from ‘big-dog’ JV partner to the newest of newbies. To top it off, we wanted someone innovative who would truly lead the way, not just for our affiliates but for the affiliate marketing industry in general. We’ve stayed at the forefront of Internet marketing, well ahead of the industry trends, for 11 years now and wanted an affiliate manager who was just as much a leader in the affiliate world. We’ve found all that and more in Jeff Levesque.”

Niche marketing specialist and Team Champigny partner Teri Champigny sums it up this way: “Doug & Jeff are both very bright and very much ‘Type-A’ personalities. Being in a room brainstorming with them you can feel the electricity in the air as each of us spurs the others further and further on. Individually, none of us would ever settle for anything less than complete success, but together we’re awesome! We look forward to having the distinction of having the highest-earning affiliates in the game once the dust settles and everyone’s on board. Jeff provides an important component in our plans to make Team Champigny an 8-figure a year business online, and I’m glad to welcome him to the Team!”

In true Internet marketing fashion, the arrangement was inked at Ken McArthur’s JVAlert Live convention in Philadelphia in early June, and first revealed following Doug Champigny’s speaking engagement at Carl Galletti’s Internet Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas 2 weeks later. Levesque is currently familiarizing himself with the Team Champigny properties and publications, and will kick off the Team Champigny affiliate training program with an open teleseminar in a couple of weeks. For more information on Jeffrey Levesque or the Team Champigny affiliate marketing program, contact directly at Team Champigny.

1 Hour + 1 Week = 149 Backlinks

Article Marketing – Boost Your Branding, Backlinks, PageRank & Profits in 1 Hour A Week.

©2008 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved.

Is it really possible to majorly affect your success online in just one hour a week?

Yes, once you’ve mastered Article Marketing, one of the most powerful Web 2.0 tactics that can boost your branding, provide backlinks to your sites, boost your site’s PageRank, drive targeted traffic & skyrocket your profits in 1 Hour A Week.

Another big advantage is that Article Marketing can put you miles ahead of your competition, especially if you’re selling resell rights products or promoting affiliate marketing links, two areas with the most direct competition online. You see, very few people mount any real marketing attack in these two areas – the send out an e-mail or two and move on to the next product. By raising the profile, links to and search engine rankings for your affiliate pre-sell pages, squeeze pages or resell rights sales pages, you can start to see results not matched by any of your competition.

Here’s a real-world example of the power of Article Marketing:

On April 23, 2008, I spent 15 minutes writing each of 3 articles – 45 minutes total. I was careful to pick topics that are tightly targeted to the sites and products I have online, so they were on resell rights, article marketing and affiliate marketing.

That’s an important point about successful article marketing – the more tightly targeted your article is to your sites’ target market, the better your results will be. With article marketing you’re actually pre-qualifying your traffic because only those who were sufficiently interested in reading your original article will click the following link to your sites, and if the article was highly relevant then this targeted traffic arrives at your site already accepting you as an expert in the subject area and ready to see what more you have on it.

Back to our article marketing case study… After spending 45 minutes writing the three articles, I then fired my secret weapon – the real trick to doing article marketing quickly, efficiently and effectively. I logged into one of the most-professional article submission services online and uploaded my 3 articles – I’ll say it took 15 minutes including writing the descriptions, author’s info box and linking URL for the three articles, but in reality it probably took less than 10 minutes. But we’ll call it 15 minutes and the hour was up.

I then put article marketing out of my mind and went back to all my ‘normal’ internet marketing and affiliate marketing efforts. A
week later as I was about to start week two’s article marketing activities, I logged back into the submission service to see what the situation was with the first 3 articles. How does 149 backlinks in Google alone sound to you?

In fact, in just one week, the numbers were:

55 pages indexed and live in google showing my resell rights article;

43 pages indexed and live in Google showing my Article Marketing article; and

51 pages indexed and live in Google showing my Affiliate Marketing article!

That’s 149 more places for people to run into my name and solid info from me online, 149 more links back to my sites, each capable of attracting tightly-targeted traffic to my salespages and affiliate marketing pre-sell pages. For one hour’s work, total. That’s the immediate benefit to article marketing – almost instant spidering by the search engines, and a number of new profit conduits set up aimed at your payment button or affiliate links.

Assuming that was the average response rate, over the course of a year that would be about 150 articles you would write and submit, and the results would be almost 7,500 links to your sites, blogs and affiliate links – think that would help your marketing efforts? And even if you could find them, what do you think 7,500 one-way backlinks to your sites would cost?

And believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Article Marketing. You see, to already be spidered, indexed and appearing in Google within a week of going online, those copies of my articles are all at article directories or article repostories – the sites online where webmasters, marketers, e-zine publishers, e-book authors and bloggers go to find fresh content. And, increasingly, video marketers looking for articles to turn into viral videos.

Assuming even a very small proportion of those people like the articles and choose to use them, the number of sites using the articles, promoting my name and expertise, and exposing people to my links will skyrocket exponentially. So during our sample year, as more directories are spidered, as more webmasters, marketers and bloggers use my articles and are eventually spidered too, the number of links to my sites from those 150 articles could easily reach 15,000, 30,000 or even 100,000 links, each it’s own tiny little salesperson for my growing online empire.

And remember too, article marketing is just one area of a professional marketing attack, a small part of the full Web 2.0 traffic-generating techniques, albeit a very powerful part. If you’ve been missing out on the power of article marketing, you may now have a better idea of why some marketers are doing so much better with resell rights products and affiliate marketing than you have been. Change that today – add the power of Article Marketing into YOUR Internet marketing arsenal today!

Web 2.0 Expert Doug Champigny is a well-known Internet marketing coach, mentor & speaker, and the originator of the Massive Traffic Bootcamp. Doug presents a lot more Article Marketing advice on his Start Article Marketing website. The ‘Article Marketing Secret Weapon’ Doug refers to above can be found at Article Marketer.

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