Affiliate Marketing – The Benefits Of Guest Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate Marketing – The Benefits Of Guest Affiliate Blogging

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Affiliate marketing blogs are an accepted and proven-effective means of building your affiliate commissions, and as such you’re probably already using affiliate marketing blogs in your online marketing mix. But have you considered the advantages of ‘guest affiliate blogging’?

Guest blogging isn’t new in the big-league blogging circles, but few affiliates have realized the advantages they can derive from including guest blogging in their affiliate marketing mix.

Put simply, guest blogging is writing articles for other bloggers to use as posts on their blogs. Your articles may already be appearing on other people’s blogs through article directories, but this is much more direct and much more targeted.

Chances are you already have a list of blogs you follow in your niche, some of which you probably comment on regularly to get the backlinks. Go to each of those blogs and look for the contact information for the site owner – if it’s not there, do a ‘whois’ search for the owner of the domain – on most private sites the owner and the blog author will be one and the same.

Write them a simple e-mail explaining who you are and asking them if they would be interested in receiving the occasional guest post from you for their blog. Offer to send them a sample if they’d be interested in checking out the quality of your writing, and give them the link to your own blog as a further example.

If they respond positively, do not try to push an affiliate product or link in the post; make it an information-packed article that will draw traffic to that blog post. Target one of your keywords exactly as you would if you were writing for your own blog, but keep it in the third person instead of using the first-person familiarities you might use on your own signature blog. In other words, stick to the same high standards you’d need to adhere to if you were writing an article for the biggest article directories.

Include a summary paragraph at the bottom of the article, and link back to your own blog and one of your squeeze pages if the site owner will allow you two links. If they limit you to one, then make it a link to your blog’s homepage or one of your posts that relates to the article you’re submitting. As always, be sure you use your targeted keyword in your anchor text as an aid to your SEO rankings.

Guest affiliate blogging lets you get your name and information in front of a wider audience of targeted prospects, helps to establish you as an expert in your field, and garners additional backlinks to your own blogs and squeeze pages. And if you’ve produced a well-crafted blog post that helps the blog owner attract more targeted traffic, you’ve most likely made a new online friend that may well be a powerful joint venture partner down the road. Don’t forget to reciprocate – invite that blogger to guest post on your blog as well!


If you’re ready to start guest affiliate blogging, consider submitting a post or two to the Marketing BlogZine, created specifically for marketers to help them showcase their writing and build targeted backlinks to their sites. If it’s more information on affiliate marketing that you’re looking for, then stop by the affiliate marketing training blog. Both sites are owned and operated by marketing mentor and speaker Doug Champigny as part of his virtual online empire designed to help new, intermediate and advanced marketers reach the next level online. Watch for Doug Champigny speaking at a live event in your area soon!


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  1. Mike Paetzold
    Twitter: mikepaetzold
    on August 2nd, 2010

    This is a very overlooked source of additional traffic to your own blog and amazed more people do not embrace it.
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