Avoid Mistakes in Choosing Your Live Chat Service

by Jill Coates - December 11th, 2013

Choosing a live chat service for your business is a critical step if you wish to get the most out of this technology. Therefore, your goal should be to choose the best service that you can afford. Perhaps the most effective way that will save you from making costly mistakes is to compare services. Here is a quick guide.

Search Carefully and Diligently

live chatIf you are starting from scratch, take advantage of web resources that can give you all the information you need. The key is to exercise caution and diligence in searching. To save time, one of the first things you can do is to verify the legitimacy of the service and the site.

Create your shortlist of legitimate sites that offer the service. You can then do a careful comparison of their offers. This is where you can match their services to your requirements or preferences.

Check the Cost

Compare the cost of your shortlisted services. See what comes with the cost. This step is crucial to guard you against the temptation of availing of the lowest-priced service. Find the service that can suit all your needs at the most reasonable cost and not necessarily the service with the lowest price tag.

For instance, the cheapest service may offer only limited support that may not meet your needs. On the other hand, you may only need a handful of live chat operators and hence you may be spending unnecessarily if you get a more expensive service.

In comparing, the key is to always match the offer to your needs and requirements. This is the most effective strategy to find the best deal in choosing your live chat service.

Focus on the Quality

For long-term gains, it is prudent to focus on the quality of the service you will get and not so much on the price. No matter how much you spend, your site visitors should find it simple and easy to use and it must enable you to attend to and resolve their concerns more efficiently and effectively. Test the functionality of each option before deciding to avail of a particular service.

It helps that you look at the service as your investment and as a tool to increase your profitability. In order to get higher returns on your investment, it is important that the tool is functioning well and is usable to its end consumers.

An easy-to-use live chat feature is far more valuable than any sophisticated yet complicated chat service. The first can deliver powerful results while the latter may only add to your visitors’ inconvenience.

Before availing of any live chat service, check what each option can offer. Shop around before you decide to spend your money on one. All it takes is diligence and care in searching, comparing, and eventually getting the deal that is truly worth your money.

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SEO Common Mistakes made with SEO Services

by Jill Coates - October 4th, 2013

The Internet is one of the biggest industries to get involved with lately, and in order to be successful, you typically need to acquire some SEO services one way or another. Whether you are providing this to your own business, or whether you are outsourcing these services to another company, you need to make sure you are familiar with the common mistakes made. If you know the mistakes, you can do your best to correct them and if they do occur, you can spot them quickly and fix them!

Below are a few of the common mistakes made with SEO services:

1)      Black Hat SEO services: Unfortunately, there are some shady companies out there. As is with every industry, there are ethical companies and there are some not so ethical companies and the search engine industry is no different. You definitely need to do your research prior to committing to any company, because unfortunately it is you who will be punished if you used unacceptable techniques! Some black hat SEO tactics are keyword stuffing (using too many keywords to ‘trick’ the search engines), false reciprocal back linking (promise to return the link but failing to do so), link farms and many more. Unfortunately, these methods have the potential to get you banned from search engines, so be careful.

2)      Failing to do the research: You can hire the best SEO services company in the world, but if they don’t do the research (or you don’t do the research), it could be all for nothing and you will have wasted a pretty penny. You need to understand your competitors, and understand your target market. Only once you do this, will your search engine tactics be successful. How can you expect to pick the right keywords and post on the right blog sites if you don’t know what your customers are searching for? How can you expect to oust your competition if you cannot improve upon their mistakes?

3)      Ignoring the optimization of your own site. So you’re getting a lot of visitors to your site? Great! However, if your own site isn’t optimized, you will have a hard time converting your visitors to sales. If you have a slow load time, your visitors will get impatient and leave, so get rid of any unnecessary videos and large photos. Keep it simple and easy to navigate – if you have a site map, not only will customers be able to find their way around, so will search engine spiders, and this is great! Make sure you maintain fresh and new content so there is something different each time your customers visit!

These are just a few of the mistakes made in SEO services, so make sure you are on the ball and can avoid them!

JDE Upgrade : How to Do It

by Jill Coates - September 3rd, 2013

The business environment is becoming more and more competitive. This requires business enterprises to develop innovative technologies so as to improve their operational efficiency as well as keep abreast with the dynamic nature of modern markets. JDE solutions assist businesses to maximize their value through superior strategies to productivity enhancement services. This is in addition to supporting cost effective processes and also providing support for business infrastructures.

However, a JDE upgrade may be required to enhance business operations as well as incorporate emerging needs so as to be in sync with the business and commercial environment. An upgrade should be preceded by a thorough evaluation of the current business infrastructure. This is aimed at ensuring that systems and hardware configurations are compatible with the latest software versions.

Cost, time, equipment and other resources should be diligently mapped out before a JDE upgrade. If this is not done, unanticipated hindrances and system issues that obstruct the timing and budgeting of an upgrade will be encountered. Upgrade planning is required so as to develop a systematic approach as to how the transition between current platforms and an upgrade will be integrated so as to ensure synchronization. In order to ensure smooth transition, experts should be involved so as to prepare current systems for an upgrade.

A JDE upgrade requires a solution assessment to be conducted. In this regard a JDE specialist visits a business enterprise and examines the end to end systems environment. This examination includes hardware as well as any service packs that may have been instituted into the system of a business enterprise. A system analysis shows a clear picture of the nature of the IT systems and also provides fundamental information. This information is useful so as to make the right recommendations in terms of making the transition to an upgrade.

This is then followed by a JDE upgrading planning workshop which is facilitated by specialists. Here systems assessment results are reviewed and a JDE upgrade strategy is provided. The workshop is also utilized to conduct a gap analysis albeit informally. This is intended to pinpoint the changes that will be required before an upgrade is done.

Clients should expect a JDE upgrade project plan from a specialist. Such a plan should contain time frames, critical milestones as well as the team members who will be guiding the project in addition to estimation of costs. This ensures that a business enterprise knows what to expect upfront in order to avail the required resources.

Physiological Implications of the Best Omega 3 Supplement

by Jill Coates - August 22nd, 2013

Understanding how the best omega 3 supplement works for your body can help you determine if you really need this product in the first place. In this article, you will discover the mechanism of action of the substances in this supplement. Also included in the specifics are the interactions that the substances of the supplements have with your body systems.

Growth and Development
Recently, the researchers have found out that the best omega 3 supplements such as arachidonic acid and gamma linoleic acid play similar roles when it comes to the normal growth and development. Also, the studies reveal that the omega 3 fatty acids have better chemical composition that enables it to support the body when it comes to the following physiological functions: (1) renal function; (2) dermal integrity; and (3) parturition. These findings have led the experts to focus more on the studies on omega 3 fatty acids.

In the late part of the 90’s, the experts have discovered that the tissues can convert the omega 3 fatty acids from the best omega 3 supplement into arachnidonic acid. In turn, this acid aids in converting the vital substances of the body into prostaglandin. Prostaglandin is a type of inflammatory agent that can aid in increasing the rate of healing for the injured areas of the body. This is especially evident if the person has acquired an open wound. In the long run, this can aid in protecting the body against infection and other types of hazards that may afflict the person.

best omega 3 supplementAside from that, omega 3 supplements contain eicosanoids. These substances have significant biological functions. Although these substances only have a short life span in a person’s body, these can cause great changes for your metabolism. For one thing, these substances can contribute in the enzyme production for the digestive system. This, in turn, can significantly improve the conversion of the substances in your food into raw nutrients that your blood can readily circulate to different parts of your body. They are slightly inflammatory in nature. This is one of the reasons that you slightly feel uncomfortable right after a meal.

Wound Healing
The supplement also contains thromboxane. This substance is a factor that can aid in the production of platelet clumps. The platelet clump formation is important in the prevention of hemorrhage and the promotion of wound healing.

These are just some of the mechanisms of action that the best omega 3 supplement can do for the different parts of your body. Knowing these things can help you learn about the implications of the mechanisms in relation to the functions of your body. Therefore, this can further help you understand how the substances work to help improve your health.

So you have a self directed 401k plan, what’s next?

by Jill Coates - August 14th, 2013

Since 2007, an increasing number of companies are shifting their employees’ traditional 401k plan to self directed 401k plan. In this type of retirement plan, the employees become fund managers as they are able to invest their money to a wide array of investment options and not only to a limited pre-approved mutual fund options. This type of retirement fund is highly beneficial with those with a background or experience in investing. But for those who are inexperienced or do not have the proper training, a self directed 401k plan may mean more problems that gains.

Not everybody would have the skill, ability or the time to do stock trades. Likewise, it is often hard to choose what bonds to invest in or what stock to buy or sell. At first glance,this plan may seem enticing as it really does enable one to manage his retirement fund directly but one must proceed with caution. Here are some tips to guide the inexperienced and novice with managing this type of fund.

self directed 401kFirst, one must know what are their limits and time lines. Knowing how much can one risk, and how long they are willing to risk it out helps with the decision of which mutual bond or stock option would to buy or stay with. However having the option of choosing which stock fund one would get may sometime leave the novice confused. Hence, knowing one’s limit is their first step in limiting the myriad of options into a few selections that would fit well into your plans.

Second, do research. One must learn to identify the risky investments and those that have solid background and are strong investment options. Remember, one should proceed with extra precaution when investing using one’s self directed 401k.

Lastly, study the additional fees that one must need to pay. Most of the time, those that invest in the stock market would pay more, as they would have to pay a per trade fee. On the other hand some would have to pay a yearly subscription plan for them to continue on investing in with mutual bonds. It should also be noted that this type of plan would come with more expensive rates than the usual trade fees.

Experts would advice those without prior experience with investing to opt out of the self directed option and stick with the traditional 401k option. However, if there is no other choice, then inexperienced investors should stick with mutual funds or index funds. It would entail little to no trading at all.

These plans could work for some and may not for others. It is always a good thing for one to be extra careful when dealing with investments using their 401k. One should always research, study and make calculated risks with their self directed 401k’s to avoid any losses as much as possible.

Business Owners Need To Follow Some Easy SEO Tips

by Jill Coates - August 10th, 2013

seo2In order to get noticed in the enormous World Wide Web, you should first focus on a few SEO tips about using the correct keywords. Proper keywords are crucial for any business website. You want potential customers to read and understand what products and services you are providing. You do not want to sound illiterate. You want people to see that you are professional business people.

There are some SEO tips that you should follow.

First of all, you should do a good keyword research. It is all about keywords. The right ones typically produce a lot of money while the bad ones will actually cost you more money than you earn.

When you are writing the content for your website, you need to focus on the right ones. The more keywords you have, the better chances you have to get noticed. That is a good point to remember for up-and-coming business owners.

Secondly, you should write winning advertisements. It does take some time and creativity to do this, but it is time well spent. You first want to come up with an eye-catching headline and then write some well-worded sentences to get people to become interested enough to buy something from your business or just to call or come into your store.

The main goal is to grab people’s attention and possibly make them want to pay money for your products and services. That is the key for any business.

Next, you need to come up with a budget. This typically means time and effort. Some money is involved with some forms of online marketing. However, when it comes to SEO tips, you just need the necessary time. And lastly, you need to check your feedback.